HiP B2B is a leading demand generation agency and data provider. Our demand generation method utilizes content, historical engagement, behavior data, and outbound marketing to drive high-value outcomes for marketing and technology clients. Our key differentiators include our vast contact database with millions of engagement points, extensive targeting options including historic behavior, impressive fulfillment speeds, and exemplary lead quality standards.

Dating back to 2009, HiP B2B has built a track record of success with a wide variety of clients, from industry giants, like Google, Oracle, Marketo, and Adobe, to smaller companies, like Procore, Influence & Co., and Workfront. Regardless of the size of the relationship, we take pride in catering to the specific needs of each client and delivering the highest quality results.

Over years as a B2B lead generation agency, we have built diverse strategies for business clients of all types. We work with each client to create a one of a kind strategy for their business, allowing them to reach their desired audience and achieve campaign objectives.


HiP B2B specializes in:

A Group Effort

HiP B2B sponsors and actively curates the 7,500-member Demand Generation and Content Marketing Group on LinkedIn – and we’re always accepting new members!