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Infographic – Your Guide to Email Etiquette

Etiquette is something we often take for granted, whether it's table manners or understanding how to communicate via email. Most people wouldn't be able to document exactly what makes up good (or bad) etiquette, but we certainly know it when…
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How to Wield Trigger Moments in Content Marketing

Trigger moments are powerful shapers in our lives. They are the moments when someone says or does something and it causes an emotional reaction. These moments are the ones that shape not only our past but our future selves. They…
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What is friction in marketing?

In today's post, we talk about the term "friction" and its usage and applications in marketing. What is friction in marketing? When we use the term friction in marketing, it indicates a potential sticking point for a customer in their…
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Infographic – How Do You Generate Leads with Marketing Automation?

One of the biggest selling points of marketing automation is the ability to generate more leads. Marketers said as much when surveyed. But how do you realize the lead generation potential of marketing automation? That's the question this week's infographic…
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9 Email Marketing Mantras for 2018

A mantra is a statement or slogan that is repeated frequently to cement it in the mind. In spiritual practices like yoga or meditation, you say these mantras over and over to aid in concentrating or focusing on the task…
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10 Ways to Get Inspired and Stay Inspired

Monotony is the spice of life… oh wait, no, that's variety. Many of us do a lot of the same things day in and day out. We hit snooze on our alarm first thing in the morning, get up, have…
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Infographic – How B2B Sales Has Changed

It's not long ago that cold calling and knocking on front doors were the most common approaches to driving business. That era (thankfully) is over. Like most things, the internet drastically changed sales. With all sorts of information readily available,…
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9 Common Misconceptions About Lead Nurture

You know what they say about assumptions, right? I'm not allowed to say that word on this blog, but you know how the saying goes. Sometimes, from our point of view (isolated in our offices) we can make assumptions about…
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How Fake Followers Are Changing Social Media Marketing

On Saturday, January 27, the NY Times released an article which explores and examines the phenomena of fake followers, their popularity, and their influence within social media. In the article, it is estimated that one company, Devumi, has an estimated…
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25 email stats cover image

Infographic – 25 Email Marketing Statistics for 2017

Email may not be the newest or the most exciting marketing channel, but it's a workhorse. Email is a cornerstone of lead generation, lead nurture, and post-purchase support. While these duties are nothing new, the audience and the methods have…
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