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Happy Leads are Like Puppies, Here’s How to Keep Their Tails Wagging

Onboarding a new lead is like getting a puppy. You're excited and if you're doing things right, then they'll be excited and happy too. You can easily tell a pup's mood by reading their body language. If your puppy is…
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Infographic – 7 Leading Tactics for Better Marketing Data Quality

Marketers are racing to keep up as data becomes more and more critical to a successful marketing strategy. Marketers hoard data about their customers but a surprisingly small number actually make good use of it. As larger companies gallop ahead…
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When should you rebrand?

Outdated. Boring. Infamous. These are words you likely do not want associated with your brand. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, it happens. What if there were a way to detangle yourself from the words like that? What if you…
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4 Reasons Email Unsubscribes Can Actually Be a Good Thing

It's a common recommendation in email marketing to make unsubscribing from your emails easy. It seems a bit counter-intuitive. Why would you want to facilitate people leaving your mailing lists? First off, it's because we have to – at least to…
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Infographic – The Anatomy of an Optimal Marketing Email

Marketing emails are the backbone of the modern digital marketing strategy. As a result, organizations are putting in more effort than ever into them, which means competition is fierce. It’s also effective, which is why 66% of consumers in the…
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