26 Intriguing Mobile Marketing Statistics

The average person spends two hours per day looking at a mobile screen. Think about that. Two hours out of every twenty-four – 8% of an entire day – on a mobile device. That’s more time than users spend watching TV or using a personal computer. Whether it’s at home, at work, or in between, users seem to be inseparable from their mobile devices.

Mobile offers a variety of opportunities for businesses who adapt and threats to businesses who don’t. Despite impressive trends in mobile adoption, more than half of business don’t have even a basic mobile strategy. With mobile marketing as a low priority for many organizations, even basic efforts can help you stand out.

The following list contains a set of notable mobile marketing statistics, from a variety of sources. These statistics cover mobile device adoption, usage, engagement, and strategy. The key takeaways for this list are opportunities in terms of mobile compatibility, mobile sharing, and native device applications. In general, mobile marketing success is tied to fulfilling customer expectations and enabling further engagement.

Without further delay, here are twenty-six intriguing mobile marketing statistics:

  1. Mobile marketing in is on track to generate $400 billion in sales by 2015. (MediaBistro) Tweet This Stat.
  2. Mobile devices now account for 53% of website traffic – 17% of which comes from tablets. (Eloqua) Tweet This Stat.
  3. 56% of mobile users perform product research with their devices. (BostInno) Tweet This Stat.
  4. 57% of users won’t recommend companies with a poor mobile site. (WebDAM) Tweet This Stat.
  5. In the second half of 2013, mobile phones accounted for 30.6% of all email opens. Tablets accounted for an additional 7%. (eMarketer) Tweet This Stat.
  6. A mere 12% of emails are optimized for mobile devices using responsive design. (Equinox) Tweet This Stat.
  7. 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for their screen size. (Litmus) Tweet This Stat.
  8. 2 in 3 users access social media through their mobile devices. (WebDAM) Tweet This Stat.
  9. 65% of Facebook users and 60% of Twitter users access from mobile devices (Digital Buzz Blog) Tweet This Stat.
  10. Mobile visitors are 187% more likely to share content. (MediaBistro) Tweet This Stat.
  11. Mobile sharing increased 27.8% in the second quarter of 2014, while desktop sharing dropped 5.5%. (ShareThis) Tweet This Stat.
  12. 1 in 4 searches are conducted on mobile devices. (WebDAM) Tweet This Stat.
  13. 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work. 17% occur on the go. (Google) Tweet This Stat.
  14. 81% of mobile searchers are driven by speed and convenience. (Google) Tweet This Stat.
  15. Mobile searches result in an average of 1.89 follow-up actions. 73% of mobile searches triggered additional action, such as continued research, sharing, or outreach. (Google) Tweet This Stat.
  16. Only 20% of mobile usage time is spent browsing the internet. The other 80% is spent within apps. (Smart Insights) Tweet This Stat.
  17. There are 224 million active mobile app users. (WebDAM) Tweet This Stat.
  18. 85% of users prefer native apps to mobile websites. (WebDAM) Tweet This Stat.
  19. 70% of consumers identified push notifications, including order updates and location-based messages, to be valuable. (Responsys) Tweet This Stat.
  20. 68% of consumers who have downloaded a brand’s app have enabled push notifications. (Responsys) Tweet This Stat.
  21. Push notifications open rates and click-throughs are both more than 50% higher than email. (Responsys) Tweet This Stat.
  22. Marketers who implement responsive design report a 20 percent increase in clicks and conversions on average. (Responsys) Tweet This Stat.
  23. The use of mobile-optimized content marketing has risen from 15% in 2011 to 33% in 2012. (Content Marketing Institute) Tweet This Stat.
  24. 61% of B2B marketers don’t currently engage in Mobile Marketing. (eMarketer) Tweet This Stat.
  25. 22% of companies have a “non-existent” mobile strategy. Another 39% have only a basic strategy. (Adestra) Tweet This Stat.
  26. 32% of B2B and 17% of B2C companies listed mobile optimization as one of their top three priorities in 2014. (eMarketer) Tweet This Stat.




Let us know what you think:

  • Do you use mobile marketing?
  • Which statistic(s) is most important?
  • What are some other interesting mobile marketing statistics?



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