4 Ways to Future Proof Your Marketing Efforts

As the digital world expands, marketing and its technology changes rapidly. What is considered the most agile practice today will be old news in the near future.

It occurred with direct mail, and then again with direct email. And those are just two of the major marketing technologies that are no longer trendy in today’s world.

As marketing evolves, it’s nearly impossible to predict exactly where it will head in the future. Which is why teams need to be ready for whatever this uncertain future has in store.


Consider New Tech on a Schedule

The only way to stay relevant is to ensure that your tech stays up to date. It’s very easy to fall into old patterns and only look for new technology when the old system is practically unusable.

Using outdated, unpopular platforms does your business a disservice. Often, it makes your service less valuable because you are working with something that is obsolete.

Especially in marketing, your prospects will trust you more if they know you are using a platform or product that makes your offering more valuable.

This means you must plan in time to look for and possibly onboard new technology. Keep a running list of the tech that your business uses and see if there are options out there that do more, or better suit your needs.

Evaluate each vendor and see if it’s worth your money. In this same time, you should also brainstorm what challenges your team faces daily. From there, you find technology that alleviates those issues.


Keep Up With Social

I would argue that staying on top of social media trends is likely one of the most important things marketers can do.

Sure, we have all these automation platforms, but without what platform is hot and what is popular on those platforms, it’s basically useless implementing that sort of technology.

Keep up on what platforms are the most popular, both in general and in your space. Obviously, Snapchat isn’t the best fit for most B2B marketing, but it’s good to know that it’s one of the more popular apps in general.

This information drives other things, like what medium content is most popular and what language is getting the most clicks.

The only way to stay on top of social media is to use it, so marketers must do more than just blindly schedule posts on a social media management tool. Log into your company’s Twitter account and explore what the platform offers.

Do the same with LinkedIn, keeping an eye out for trends. Social promises to continue to be a primary channel for brands to get the word out, so being comfortable and familiar with it are key to being a successful modern marketer.


Be Sure Your Team is Open to Constant Change

This is so much easier said than done.

Humans are naturally resistant to change, which is often why teams struggle to stay agile.

As I mentioned above, keeping up with what is trendy is practically mandatory for marketing and business in general.

Making this happen requires a company culture that is excited about change.

Encourage your team to try the latest and greatest courses (there are both free and paid courses) so they have new skills that grow continuously. This will give them ideas on how they can improve at their jobs and keep their skills relevant.

Encourage your team to ask questions, to see where both they and the team can improve. This is something that can be established in weekly meetings. Come up with things that you can improve on and work on them each week.


Be Careful to Stay Stable

Don’t go jumping from platform to platform, or from tactic to tactic constantly. Only replace a piece of software if it’s necessary or will greatly improve your team’s performance.

It’s important to be both agile and stable.

Changing up tactics constantly will only make it that much harder for your workers to create a consistent and steady workflow. Allow them time to adjust and don’t constantly switch directions. Agility is important, but not if you fall over the hurdles.

Make deliberate measured changes, assess every month or two and keep up with what’s popular. Keep up the culture of constant change and you will find your marketing efforts will be effortlessly more agile.



Are you planning for the future? Did you like this list of ways to prep? How else would you prepare?



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