6 Strategies For Using Marketing Automation as a Tool, Not a Crutch

Marketing automation is being lauded as the latest and greatest thing in marketing.

For good reason. After using marketing automation, VB Insight found that 80% of marketers saw their leads increase and 77% saw the number of conversions increase.

Although marketing automation is a wonderful tool for marketers, leaning on it too heavily can result in impersonal marketing.

Marketing automation has become a key marketing tool. However, that tool needs to be propped up with some essential strategies that will keep your marketing automation engaging for your entire audience.

Marketing automation is not a crutch for mediocre marketing. Use these tactics to make your marketing automation work the best it can be for you and your leads.

Test Everything

Just because you have marketing automation doesn’t mean that it’s okay to just set it and forget it.

Marketers need to test every aspect of the content that they put into their marketing automation system. This includes email headlines, email copy, landing pages, and any content that you may link to in your emails or social posts.

Figure out what works. Then figure out when it works. With marketing automation, A/B testing tools are usually included in the software, so there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be testing while using it.

Keep Up Communication With Sales

It’s likely that your marketing automation system has some mechanism for passing leads over to sales when you deem them qualified.

Not only that, but Marketing and Sales need to agree as to when a lead is qualified. Make sure you have an agreement on the definition of a qualified lead. This is the only way these leads will have a reasonable chance at conversion.

But what happens when leads aren’t quite ready to buy? Do they just drop out of your funnel?

They shouldn’t.

Make sure that marketing and sales communicate so that leads aren’t lost after sales tries to close the deal.

Don’t Get Too Fancy With It

There is a lot that marketing automation can do, but be careful to not get in over your head by overusing the technology. If you overautomate your marketing, you risk becoming impersonal. This will make your leads really feel that they are just another number in your system, which is off-putting.

Another risk is that your team doesn’t have the resources to backload an overly complex marketing automation system with the content it needs. If you are heavily segmenting a list and need unique content to fill each segment, then you need to have the resources to create that much content for each campaign. If you do not, be sure to keep your efforts simple to ensure that the leads in your pipeline still get a great experience.

Take Automation Beyond Email

Marketing automation is more than just an email distribution platform. Many systems include social tools and testing tools like I mentioned above.

Make sure that you are doing more than just sending a monthly newsletter with your marketing automation software because these technologies have the potential to do so much more.

Keep Repeat Customers In Mind

Make sure when you are setting up lead nurture that you create a separate segment for your current or preexisting customers.

This group should not be treated the same those who have never purchased in your pipeline. Make sure to create special, post-purchase content for this group. They don’t need to be convinced to use your offering, rather, they need content to use your offering better.

Create Content That Converts

It’s important for you to create great content for your marketing automation efforts to be a success. Great content is the backbone of a content distribution strategy that works.

But how do you create content that converts? Some of the most popular forms of content include:

  • List posts
  • Infographics
  • Why, what, and how to posts
  • Videos

Additionally, when you write a blog post, the sweet spot for length seems to be about 1000 words. That’s when content really starts to perform well. Posts that are over 2000 words can do even better, so long as they are quality. That’s something to keep in mind when writing long blog posts. Do they need to be that long? Is it worth the time to read?

Marketing automation is a great tool, but it’s only useful if your marketing tactics are up to par. Don’t lean on automation and hope that it will mend your weak content. Automation is not a crutch. It’s a tool that takes manual processes and automates them, freeing up more of your time to make your marketing efforts better.

What tactics do you use to bolster your marketing automation usage? What do you use automation for? Did these tactics help? Let us know in the comments.


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Thanks, Acadia for the excellent strategy.
Autopitch, Inc.

The strategies that you have mentioned is excellent.In addition, what are the other small aspects that we need to keep in mind so that we can achieve better lead generation with the help of marketing automation tool. Which marketing automation software can I invest in? I have heard that Aritic Pinpoint is a good software, can you suggest me any other software?

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