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The Best Marketing Conference Videos from the Past – COVID-19 Edition

We’ve made it halfway through 2020 and a pandemic that seems like it’s not going away. COVID-19 has postponed or canceled most events that were scheduled for this year, including a lot of concerts, in-office meetings, and marketing conferences.

There are endless options for marketing conferences, worldwide. Some are even holding virtual conferences this year, including Content Marketing Conference, Adobe Summit, Hubspot INBOUND, and MozCon.

Instead of waiting it out until 2021 to get your in-person conference fix or attending a virtual conference, why not build your own? In this blog post, we’ve compiled our favorite panels from our favorite marketing conferences.

Adobe also offers 100+ free breakouts from Adobe Summit 2020.

If I were to build my own conference, I’d choose:

  1. The Great Mess of Alternative Text at Litmus Live 2017
  2. The Netflix Effect On B2B Buyer Engagement (B2B Marketing Exchange)
  3. The Faker You Are, the More Successful You Can Be | InvisionApp Design Lead | Pablo Stanley
  4. How UX / UI Design is changing the way we communicate | TeYosh | Awwwards Conference Amsterdam
  5. INBOUND: Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote “Do This and Succeed”
  6. Which Type of Digital Marketer Are You? – Andrew Chow @ Digimarcon
  7. “Measuring the Customer Experience” by Gerry McGovern—An Event Apart Denver 2017
  8. Or one of the many Adobe Summit breakouts

While watching past videos or attending virtual events aren’t the same as attending in-person conferences, there are still plenty of ways to benefit from them. Expanding your arsenal of marketing knowledge, starting your own networking group on LinkedIn or Facebook, or attending online social events will still help you grow to be a better marketer.

If you’re a fan of video listicles or need some more inspiration, check out our recent blog post The Marketer’s Handbook of TED Talks.


  • What are your favorite marketing conferences? Did we forget any?
  • What are your favorite panel topics?
  • How many conferences a year do you attend?


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