Video Series – How Is Campaign Engagement Data Different Than Regular Email Marketing?

Video Series – How Is Campaign Engagement Data Different Than Regular Email Marketing?

A marketing campaign without a landing page?

That’s what separates campaign engagement data from email marketing. Learn how you can get data without the friction of a normal marketing campaign.

Learn more from our CEO, Bret Smith, in this short video.


2. How is Campaign Engagement Data Different than Regular Email Marketing? from HiP B2B on Vimeo.

How is campaign engagement data different than regular email marketing?
Well, lets talk a little bit about how they are similar.
Is there an email sent?
Is there a call to action?
Of course.
What about a landing page?
How about a form?
Well, maybe, or maybe not.
And that brings us to the first difference. In an engagement data campaign, it can be executed with or without a form. You heard that right, with or without friction. That brings us to the second difference, which is, regardless of how early an engager may be in their buying cycle, in an engagement data campaign, you know exactly who they are.




This is the second of a four-part video series. If you missed part 1, check it out here.


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