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7 Tips for Better Small Business Content Writing

You may have noticed that there isn’t nearly as much content directed at small business (SMB) content writers. It is high time we reach out to this underserved segment. According to Microsoft’s US Small & Midsized Business Blog, 96% of the executives surveyed agreed that the quality and structure of their marketing content is essential […]

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3 Ways Marketers Can Talk Turkey This Thanksgiving

Let’s talk turkey. It’s a Thanksgiving joke and a business phrase that more marketers should take to heart. It means, let’s get to the meat of it, or get to the heart of the matter. This phrase supposedly comes from an old story of a Native American and a European who went hunting together. When […]

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5 Tips for Better Content After the Sale

Do you neglect your customers after they make a purchase? The marketing world is enamored with creating fresh, new, lead-generating content. But, little thought is given to providing quality content to your biggest fans: those who already purchased your offering. The prevailing attitude is, “Why would we want to spend our time and revenue supporting […]

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Plan Your Holiday Marketing Strategy in 7 Easy Steps

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and although it may seem too early for seasonal posts (like this), it’s a perfect time to start planning your holiday marketing strategy. Learn how to plan for and execute great posts this holiday season, which will help catapult your brand into this festive time of year.   1. […]

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Best Examples of B2B Interactive Content in 2017

AR, VR, and AI are changing the way we create and share information. These interactive technologies have opened new ways for marketers to reach their audiences. In today’s post, we explore how B2B businesses are using these cutting-edge technologies to create better interactive content.   IBM I’ve mentioned IBM many times in the past and […]

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10 B2B Lessons From Adobe Stock’s Visual Trends of 2017

Adobe’s CMO team recently released, Adobe Stock’s Top 10 Visual Trends Of 2017, their interpretation of the trends that businesses should look out for when marketing in the upcoming months. We look at the trends they’ve identified and look at what B2B marketers can pull from them; both visually and in modern marketing in general. […]

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3 Diagnoses and Fixes for Bad Blog Posts

Sometimes, blog posts just seem… meh. They are uninspired, so they are uninspiring. Dull, weak, just downright boring. They don’t drive action, they don’t entice or educate. These blog posts are at death’s door, but they can be resuscitated. Here, we diagnose your ailing blog posts and give you the treatments you need to improve […]

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How to Create Stronger, More Effective Headlines

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will only read your headline copy, nothing more? That’s what makes creating effective headlines so important. But often, the job gets rushed. The post goes out in a few hours. It’s time to slap on a headline and move on. This isn’t the right approach, as […]

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5 Signs a Marketer Lacks Emotional Intelligence

A good marketer has the skills, knows how to use the latest technology, and excels at planning and executing activities. But what a good marketer often lacks is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is defined as, “The ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional […]

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How Marketers Can Harness the Power of the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. This important nerve stretches from your brain down your spine, attaching to most of your most crucial organs along the way. It’s responsible for keeping your organs running properly and keeping your mind and body connected. You may be wondering, “So what? Why do […]

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