B2B Social Network Engagement

Learn Why Marketers Should Share As Much Content As They Create

Curating the content is a lot like curating art – you research, select a work, catalog it, and bring visitors to your gallery. Seek, Sense, Share. Curating quality content adds value to your blog and brand and can make you stand out from the rest. In a world of social media and digital marketing, it’s […]

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6 easy steps social media sharing schedule

How to Make a Social Media Sharing Schedule In 6 Easy Steps

If you aren’t careful, your social media marketing can and will take up a tremendous amount of time. There is always someone you should be engaging with and something that you should be posting. On top of that, there’s always more channels your brand should be on. How do you manage your social media without […]

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Instagram for B2B: Why and How?

Fashion models, travel bloggers, consumer brands, and … B2B? You might be wondering, “What could these possibly have in common?” The answer? Instagram. While Instagram may not seem like a useful tool for B2B at first glance, it is an increasingly popular and important tool to include in a well-rounded social media strategy. It allows […]

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Infographic – The 2018 Social Media Manager’s Handbook

Are you considering wielding social media marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy? If not, you should. There are 3.196 billion global social media users recorded this year, according to We Are Social. Learn how to connect with your audience on social media using this guide to social media management for 2018.     […]

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What’s New on LinkedIn? What Does it Mean for Marketers?

As the world of social continues to change and evolve, LinkedIn often seems to struggle to keep up. Unlike so many platforms, it lacks crucial analytics tools for marketers to explore. It also lacked functionalities that come standard with many social platforms, like on-site hosted video, etc. But that is about to change, according to […]

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3 Types of People You Should Get Talking About Your Brand

Successful marketing starts with great relationships between a brand and its followers. But sometimes, it is difficult for an individual to connect with a brand. After all, a faceless organization isn’t a person and humanity is a requirement for deeper relationships. But how do you take a brand and transform it into something more approachable? […]

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Your Audience Hates These Targeted Marketing Mistakes

Targeted paid advertising on social media can be scarily effective. How many times have you started to research a product or service, just to have ads for that very same offering continuously appear across your social media feeds? There’s quite a few reasons both consumers and marketers can enjoy sponsored and targeted marketing posts. They […]

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Go Live in 2017 with These 7 Live Video Tips

Ready to go live? Facebook is pushing its new Facebook Live video streaming feature. Facebook Live first saw a restricted launch in the summer of 2015. It was accessible to celebrities and public figures who had a wide reach. In 2016, Facebook renewed its dedication to “going live” and started to push the live feature […]

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Convert ‘Em All: A B2B Marketing Lesson From Pokemon Go

I, like many millennials, spent more than a couple hours this weekend running around outside with friends, playing Pokémon Go. You know things have gotten strange when you see young people wandering around a graveyard on a bright Sunday afternoon, walking with their phones held high in front of their faces. They exchanged friendly greetings, […]

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LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation Infographic Cover Image

Infographic – LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation: Why, When, and How

In a B2B setting, social media isn’t exactly top of mind when it comes to lead generation activities. Companies are more likely looking to things like gated content, newsletter subscriptions, webinars, and other website-based content to produce leads. That being said, social media shouldn’t be overlooked as a supplemental lead generation channel. Social networks – […]

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