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How to Identify and Drive Desire for Better Demand Generation

We all want to successfully market and sell our offering. But the market is so competitive that it’s often hard to make your voice heard amongst a sea of other brands. To do this successfully, you need to identify the forces of mass desire that relate to your offering. What kinds of mass desire are […]

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Infographic – Your Cheat Sheet for Writing Headlines

Ever set out to write a blog post only to find yourself stuck staring at a half-written headline? It’s a pretty common scenario for content creators. Even the best of us tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time on that handful of words at the top of our writing. That’s not to say that […]

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What is Value and How Do You Add It to Content?

What is value? And how do you add value to your content? Imagine you are lost in the jungle. There are mosquitos swarming you, it’s hot and damp, and the sun is starting to set, making the foreboding rustling in the undergrowth around you that much more terrifying. All of a sudden, you come across […]

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Avoid Creating Offensive Content Using These Tips

Technology brings about change. New technologies and wider availability of technology in general has pushed the world to become increasingly interconnected. As humans have moved forward digitally, culture has also shifted. More specifically, there has been a shift in what behaviors and words are acceptable. Some things that used to be normal are now unacceptable. […]

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Infographic – 7 Ways To Create A Killer Marketing Video

By all accounts, video is in demand. Marketers continue pump out video content while consumers continue to ask for more. In fact, 53% of respondents in a HubSpot survey said they want to see more videos from marketers. Unfortunately, in this rush to create, there is an influx of bad video content. Whether it’s poor […]

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5 Cross Training Tips for Marketers

You’ve been flexing your marketing muscles a lot lately, perhaps they’re getting tired? Instead of fighting through that fatigue and racing towards burnout, marketers should take some lessons from the professionals that specialize in endurance. Athletes of every sort know that cross training is critical. Cross training has the following benefits: Preventing injury due to […]

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How to Wield Trigger Moments in Content Marketing

Trigger moments are powerful shapers in our lives. They are the moments when someone says or does something and it causes an emotional reaction. These moments are the ones that shape not only our past but our future selves. They define how we see ourselves, they even have the power to change us. Trigger moments […]

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What is friction in marketing?

In today’s post, we talk about the term “friction” and its usage and applications in marketing. What is friction in marketing? When we use the term friction in marketing, it indicates a potential sticking point for a customer in their journey through the pipeline. This could be anything from a hard-to-find newsletter signup, to a […]

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10 Ways to Get Inspired and Stay Inspired

Monotony is the spice of life… oh wait, no, that’s variety. Many of us do a lot of the same things day in and day out. We hit snooze on our alarm first thing in the morning, get up, have breakfast, and go to work. Next comes the workday with some lunch and meetings thrown […]

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How to Create Content That Appeals to Short Attention Spans

The longer smartphones and smart devices have been part of mainstream culture, the more scattered and the less focused the general consumer has become. This is in part because of the rush of dopamine that our brains accept when we get or respond to a message, see that we were tagged in a Facebook post, […]

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