What Should You Do After Purchasing Data?

You’ve recently purchased a new list, engagement data, or leads. You needed to grow your list and now you have a whole new set of contacts to market to. But how do you handle this freshly purchased audience?   Consider the Source You can get data from a variety of sources. You can buy it […]

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Infographic – Give Thanks for Data-Driven Marketing

The Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. It’s a holiday that asks us to reflect on the things we appreciate – between bites of a hearty seasonal meal. Giving thanks can extend to your professional life as well. Data-driven marketing has become an increasingly important tactic for many organizations. It helps companies to personalize, […]

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Build a Better B2B Database By Answering These Questions

Did you know that about 30% of your contacts become invalid each year? That means that if you aren’t proactively growing and maintaining your list, you face losing almost a third of it. Experts say that one reason is because leads change their email address. This seems likely, seeing as the average person changes jobs […]

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Why Isn’t the Top of the Funnel as Smart as the Bottom?

Over the past two to three years, a great deal of time, energy, and intellect has been devoted by many to the application of account-based marketing in B2B. It’s a commonly accepted and reasonably intuitive concept that focusing efforts on named accounts brings about better results. Until very recently, those principles and processes have been […]

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How to Bulk Up Your List With Fresh Data

Data is driving the world, business, and especially marketing. Even though data is already the world’s largest economic good, very few marketers have money to spend on it. But as data continues to grow, it is expected that spending on quantitative data about customer behavior and market activities is expected to jump from 4.6% to […]

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Infographic – Big Data and Marketing

“Big data” is a term everyone has probably heard. There’s a mystique to it. We often see it used as a catch-all term to describe the large-scale information collection and analysis programs of leading companies. Most agree it’s powerful and innovative, but what does big data really mean? Simply put, big data the use of […]

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