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7 Tips for Email Subject Lines that Actually Get Opened

The average inbox is cluttered with a near-constant stream of email.  According to the Radicati Group, 182.9 billion emails are sent and received across the world every day  – that’s about 65 emails per internet-connected person per day. To put it simply, there is a lot of competition for the attention of your recipients. In this battle […]

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What’s the Difference Between Email and Engagement Data?

Email marketing is a tried and true marketing tactic.  From one-to-one emails from small business owners to complicated automated workflows at Fortune 500 companies, emails is everywhere. No matter where you look, you would be hard pressed to find a marketer who hasn’t run a handful of email campaigns. With the wide adoption of email, […]

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Cheat Sheet – 12 Ideas for Super Subject Lines

Character for character, subject lines are the most important words in an email campaign. Good subject lines set campaigns up for success while bad ones prevent otherwise good campaigns from ever getting started. Needless to say, it pays to get your subject lines right. That’s where this week’s resource comes in. The cheat sheet, which […]

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Infographic – Secrets to the Perfect Marketing Email

An email is a collection of simple elements: a from name, a subject line, headlines, images, and copy. With discrepancies between different email clients and limitations imposed by email service providers, working these elements together into an optimal message is much more complicated. This week’s infographic, which comes to us from Newzful, covers the information […]

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Build a Better B2B Database By Answering These Questions

Did you know that about 30% of your contacts become invalid each year? That means that if you aren’t proactively growing and maintaining your list, you face losing almost a third of it. Experts say that one reason is because leads change their email address. This seems likely, seeing as the average person changes jobs […]

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Infographic – 5 Automated Emails Smart Marketers Send

Automated emails tend to get a bad reputation. They’re often pegged as impersonal or lazy. Realistically, automated emails are as personalized and effective as any other emails sent through your system. Like all emails, their quality depends on the creator. When properly used, automated emails open new doors for marketers. Automation allows you to deliver […]

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Email Marketing Creates Sustainable Small Business Success

In the world of small business marketing, there are lots of options to promote your company. Some of the common channels are social media, direct mail, and web, print, TV and radio ads. Email marketing by small businesses – though most cost-effective by comparison to the other choices – is underutilized. Each of the above options has […]

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How Should You Capitalize Your Email Subject Lines?

One of the most fiercely debated areas in email subject lines is the topic of capitalization. Do you capitalize major word as if it’s the title of a novel? Or do you capitalize like it’s a sentence? What about all caps? What about no caps? These are the options that every marketer faces when they […]

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Easy A/B Testing Tips for Top-of-Funnel Leads

When you first introduce yourself to potential customers, aka top-of-funnel leads, you don’t know much about them except for the small amount of interest they expressed to end up on your mailing list. How do you know which CTA button color they will respond to best? What subject line will get them to open your email […]

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Infographic – Anatomy of a Successful B2B Sales Email

There’s no shortage of content covering the perfect marketing email, whether it’s an outbound promotion, a nurture email, or even an automated response. But what about the emails coming later in the funnel? Sales emails have their own set of best practices and faux pas. In some cases, these rules are at odds with typical […]

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