Infographic – The Future of Marketing

There’s no shortage of buzz about visuals in marketing. It’s for good reason. Visuals are an important part of the future, but they can’t shoulder the burden alone. A well-reasoned combination of text and visuals makes up tomorrow’s most effective content. This infographic, which comes to us from Optimal Targeting, provides stats and information on […]

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Infographic – 12 Types of Video

As long as video continues to be a mainstay of modern digital experiences, there’s going to be a struggle to put out new and exciting videos. In comparison to other types of content, videos simply require more planning, creativity, and technical know-how. It’s easy to get stuck with the familiar, putting out the same videos […]

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Cheat Sheet – 12 Ideas for Super Subject Lines

Character for character, subject lines are the most important words in an email campaign. Good subject lines set campaigns up for success while bad ones prevent otherwise good campaigns from ever getting started. Needless to say, it pays to get your subject lines right. That’s where this week’s resource comes in. The cheat sheet, which […]

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Infographic – Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2018

Every year, social media gets more and more influential in marketing Social media platforms are allowing users to connect with each other and brands in ways that would have seemed like science fiction just a few decades ago. You can live stream anywhere, AR and VR are slowly becoming more affordable, and AI is changing […]

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Infographic – 150 Years of the Best Holiday Campaigns

The holiday season is the most profitable time of year for many businesses. For that reason, brands will go all out to ensure their holiday campaigns are memorable. Done right, a holiday campaign makes your audience associate the beginning of the season with your brand. Who has succeeded in creating stellar, memorable holiday campaigns? That’s […]

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Infographic – Crafting a Perfect ‘About Me’ Page

When it comes to copywriting, sometimes the tasks that seem to be the simplest end up being the most challenging. In short-form copy, there needs to be a clear purpose and a great deal of thought put into every word. The “About Us” page of a company website has always been a challenge for copywriters […]

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Infographic – The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas

You open your word processor. You type a bit, then delete it. You type some more, but that’s not what you want either. Time goes by and the words don’t stick to the page. We’ve all been there. Inspiration is tough as a content creator. The ideas just don’t flow as easily after writing tens, […]

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Infographic – Secrets to the Perfect Marketing Email

An email is a collection of simple elements: a from name, a subject line, headlines, images, and copy. With discrepancies between different email clients and limitations imposed by email service providers, working these elements together into an optimal message is much more complicated. This week’s infographic, which comes to us from Newzful, covers the information […]

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Infographic – How Black Friday Became The Biggest Shopping Day of The Year

As this year’s Thanksgiving holiday approached, many business owners were looking past Turkey Day to the commercial heyday immediately following it. Black Friday – and it’s cousin Cyber Monday – are huge events for businesses. But how did these days come to be synonymous with commerce? And how can small businesses take advantage? This special […]

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Infographic – Give Thanks for Data-Driven Marketing

The Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. It’s a holiday that asks us to reflect on the things we appreciate – between bites of a hearty seasonal meal. Giving thanks can extend to your professional life as well. Data-driven marketing has become an increasingly important tactic for many organizations. It helps companies to personalize, […]

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