Infographic – Spring Cleaning for Digital Marketers: Four Things You Should Do Now

Spring is officially here (though it sure doesn’t feel like it here in the Northeast). For a lot of people, that means spring cleaning – a time to clear out all the buildup from the winter months and get ready for the more active summer season. More generally, spring is a great time for a […]

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Infographic – The Data Behind Landing Page Trends in 2018

Landing pages are unsung heroes of marketing campaigns. No matter the content, no matter the channel, the campaign goals only get achieved through the use of a landing page. With landing pages holding such an important role in the process, the effectiveness of those pages becomes intimately related the success of campaigns. Even improving landing […]

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Infographic – Your Cheat Sheet for Writing Headlines

Ever set out to write a blog post only to find yourself stuck staring at a half-written headline? It’s a pretty common scenario for content creators. Even the best of us tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time on that handful of words at the top of our writing. That’s not to say that […]

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Infographic – 5 Reasons Your Sales Prospects Say No

Salespeople are no strangers to the word “No.”  No’s are part of the job of selling. In fact, some popular sales advice even tells them to “Go for No.” However, just because salespeople are accustomed to rejection doesn’t mean they like it. At end of the day, fewer No’s means more productive conversations and, ultimately, […]

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Infographic – 8 Phrases that Will Increase Your Influence with Prospects

What separates your top sales reps from all the others? They have the same training, the same software, and the same content at their disposal. They’re working with the same types of leads. Something is setting them apart – but what? The answer is influence. The best reps are influencing leads and prospects, without coming […]

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Infographic – Why Virtual Reality Matters to Marketing

Virtual reality is still a fairly new technology. As early adopters have proven, there’s no shortage of interesting applications. While many enthusiasts and entertainment companies have made the jump into virtual reality, marketers have been slower to adapt. VR is a versatile and powerful tool for marketers, even those at B2B companies. This week’s infographic […]

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Infographic – 7 Ways To Create A Killer Marketing Video

By all accounts, video is in demand. Marketers continue pump out video content while consumers continue to ask for more. In fact, 53% of respondents in a HubSpot survey said they want to see more videos from marketers. Unfortunately, in this rush to create, there is an influx of bad video content. Whether it’s poor […]

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Infographic – B2B Content Marketing Trends to Help Reshape Your Strategy

Content marketing has been a longtime staple in promoting B2B companies. The two are a natural pair. The longer and more involved purchases in B2B necessitate engaging and informative content for self-education. Content marketing isn’t foolproof for B2B marketers, however. To succeed, we need to stay up to date on trends, test new techniques, and determine what […]

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Infographic – Your Guide to Email Etiquette

Etiquette is something we often take for granted, whether it’s table manners or understanding how to communicate via email. Most people wouldn’t be able to document exactly what makes up good (or bad) etiquette, but we certainly know it when we see it. Etiquette greatly influences how you are perceived by others – and that’s […]

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Infographic – How Do You Generate Leads with Marketing Automation?

One of the biggest selling points of marketing automation is the ability to generate more leads. Marketers said as much when surveyed. But how do you realize the lead generation potential of marketing automation? That’s the question this week’s infographic tackles. The infographic comes to us from Technology Advice. This brief but impactful infographic walks […]

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