Infographic – ABM Hits and Headaches

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, is here to stay. It makes sense. When you narrow your marketing efforts to focus on a set of key target accounts, you open new levels of content personalization and email segmentation. ABM is far from foolproof, though. The concept only works if you target accounts that have a realistic chance […]

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Infographic – Revenue Performance Management: Making the Top Line Top Priority

At your company, who is in charge of creating revenue? The answer is typically “everyone.” And, as we all know, when everyone is responsible for something, no one is responsible for that thing. Revenue Performance Management (RPM) is a strategy which involves realigning traditional marketing and sales teams to create a unified department in service […]

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Animated Infographic – How Color and Typography Influence Consumers

In today’s world of data and analytics, sometimes design gets lost. Important color and typography decisions are often reduced to repeated testing of A vs B vs C. Without an understanding of the basics, a lot of time and effort is spent confirming the principals of design rather than optimizing as is intended. Testing is […]

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Infographic – How to Run a Meeting so Stuff Actually Gets Done

Every company holds meetings. Every employee attends meetings, probably several times every week. Most of us dread to see them coming up on the calendar.  Are all these meetings really necessary? While meetings may not be everyone’s favorite activity, they are an important part of running a business. Effective meetings play an important role in […]

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Infographic – Your ABM Summer Road Trip Itinerary

Summer is the season for road trips. It invokes fond memories of waking up early, gathering your friends or family, loading up your vehicle, and setting the course for somewhere new. Summer is also a great time for exploration of another kind. While it might not be as relaxing as a vacation, many marketers use […]

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cover rise of influencer marketing

Infographic – The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Which recommendation are you more likely to follow, one from a brand representative or one a respected thought leader? Sorry brand reps, the answer is the thought leader. Recommendations from a third party are inherently more reliable. Unlike brands, thought leaders, or influencers, can choose the products they endorse and pick the best ones they […]

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Infographic – 15 Most Challenging Tasks of Content Marketers

Content marketers are expected to do a lot. But which of the long list of tasks modern marketers must check off their to-do lists are the most challenging? To gather information for this infographic, the folks at SEMRush and the Content Marketing Institute surveyed 1,884 people: content writers, content strategists, content editors, PR/marketing managers, and project managers. Each […]

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Infographic – 33 Exceptional Email Marketing Tips in 140 Characters or Less

A lot of email marketing lessons can only be discovered with time and testing, and that usually means making mistakes. That said, there are many other email marketing lessons that you can learn from others – others who have already made those mistakes and learned from them. This week’s infographic is dedicated to the latter. […]

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Infographic – Email Personalization: The What, Why, and How of Hyper-Personalized Email

Personalization in email marketing is a debated topic. Most agree personalization can improve the engagement metrics of your campaigns. Most also agree that personalization can hurt your campaigns if done poorly. Just about everything else related to personalization is up for debate. Mostly, the debate comes down to what personalization should be used, how often […]

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Infographic – Click-to-Call: Why the Phone Call Is Back in Business

Phone calls are making a big return in online marketing. It’s thanks in no small part to click-to-call and the number of searches made on mobile devices. Instead of typing a phone number manually in a separate app, click-to-call allows users to click a button or link and immediately initiate a phone call with the […]

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