Lead Generation


What Should You Do After Purchasing Data?

You’ve recently purchased a new list, engagement data, or leads. You needed to grow your list and now you have a whole new set of contacts to market to. But how do you handle this freshly purchased audience?   Consider the Source You can get data from a variety of sources. You can buy it […]

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Next Generation Segmentation: Forget Marketing to Millennials

A few years back, I wrote a piece called “Marketing to Millennials: 5 Companies that Killed it in 2015.” And while those companies did indeed “kill it,” now that it’s 2018, I think it’s time to talk about how segmenting your leads to find “millennials” might be a little misguided. Think about all the millennials […]

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How to Use Content to Challenge Your Customers

In an ideal world, your offering is the solution for the issues that keep your clients up at night. These anxieties are the barriers that keep businesses from getting better. You want your brand to inspire people to find those weak spots in the workplace and improve on them. These are the slow servers, the […]

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3 Ways Marketers Can Talk Turkey This Thanksgiving

Let’s talk turkey. It’s a Thanksgiving joke and a business phrase that more marketers should take to heart. It means, let’s get to the meat of it, or get to the heart of the matter. This phrase supposedly comes from an old story of a Native American and a European who went hunting together. When […]

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Infographic – 10 Crucial Blogging Tips for Lead Generation

Blogs are the centerpiece of many content marketing efforts, particularly in B2B companies. Businesses – small or large – can generate a significant amount of qualified leads by sharing their expertise through a blog. That said, you can’t just post any old content and hope the leads roll in. Effective B2B blogs follow a set […]

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How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals for Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution the process of assigning credit to channels for the conversion they bring about. It involves identifying a user action or actions that resulted in a desired outcome, like a conversion or purchase. From there, some sort of value is determined for those actions, and those values are used to calculate the most profitable […]

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How to Keep Leads Moving Through the Customer Lifecycle

Maybe someone has been talking about your brand and how much it has helped them accomplish one thing or another. That gets a potential customer interested. Or someone starts researching a problem they have. With a splash, they drop down to join a pool of other potential buyers in the brand awareness pool. Just like […]

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How Engagement Data Can Help Realign Marketing and Buying Processes

When your company sets out to make an important purchase, what’s the process? Who determines the need? Who sets the budget? Who compares alternatives? Who decides the purchase timeframe? Who makes the final decision? Chances are, you named a handful of different people in answering these questions. For example, your immediate boss might determine the […]

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How to Market to an Anxious Audience

Anxiety is becoming tremendously common in our society and it’s making marketing more difficult. This is evidenced in a recent New York Times article called, “Prozac Nation is Now the United States of Xanax.” In this piece, the author writes, “anxiety is starting to seem like a sociological condition, too: a shared cultural experience that […]

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Infographic – How to Build an Unstoppable Lead Generation Machine

Today’s B2B lead generation would be just about unrecognizable to someone who worked in the industry 15-20 years ago. There are new channels. There are new rules. But maybe the biggest change is the tools that lead generators have at their disposal. Comparing the lead generation and marketing automation software of today to that of […]

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