Lead Nurture


What Should You Do After Purchasing Data?

You’ve recently purchased a new list, engagement data, or leads. You needed to grow your list and now you have a whole new set of contacts to market to. But how do you handle this freshly purchased audience?   Consider the Source You can get data from a variety of sources. You can buy it […]

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4 Characteristics of Personalization in 2018

Every year, it seems that marketers are talking about the upcoming one as the “year of personalization.” But, like anything digital, the meaning and usage of personalization is perpetually changing. In the past, personalization was as simple as inserting the prospective buyer’s name into an email. As time passes, marketers have noticed that, often, this […]

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3 Ways Marketers Can Talk Turkey This Thanksgiving

Let’s talk turkey. It’s a Thanksgiving joke and a business phrase that more marketers should take to heart. It means, let’s get to the meat of it, or get to the heart of the matter. This phrase supposedly comes from an old story of a Native American and a European who went hunting together. When […]

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Infographic – A Deep Dive: 5 Answers to the Most Common Lead Nurturing Questions

As marketers, we work hard to create leads. We write and design hoards of engaging content, we optimize our delivery channels down to the smallest of details, and we target everything for just a small segment of prospective buyers. It’s surprising, then, that so many marketing qualified leads (MQLs) never end up impacting the bottom line. […]

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How to Reduce Friction Throughout Lead Nurture

Throughout the buying process, there are points that, depending on where a lead is in the funnel, can cause friction. These points are usually when the lead is forced to take an action or give up information. The modern consumer has had their data bought and sold so many times that they are weary to […]

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Infographic – Lead Nurturing Basics: How You Can Transform Your Marketing

There’s an often-cited statistic from Gleanster Research that says 50% of leads are qualified, but not yet ready to make a purchase. It’s a pretty striking fact. A much larger portion of leads gets written off as unqualified in most companies. So, why the missed opportunities? The key is getting leads to stick around until the […]

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Infographic – How to Build a Lead Scoring Program

Marketers tend to focus on the initial conversion. Of course, optimizing lead acquisition is important, but it’s only half the battle. Lead nurture is what determines if leads become opportunities and, ultimately, sales. Lead nurture is only as strong the lead scoring system behind it. A concrete methodology that’s agreed upon between Marketing and Sales […]

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Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right – How to Find the Perfect Email Sending Frequency

“The last straw” and “The straw that broke the camel’s back” are fairly common phrases. We use these idioms to describe a situation where something small sets off existing tensions to elicit a larger response than would normally be appropriate. An email message is an item that often plays the role of the straw in […]

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Infographic – Lead Conversion: Offline vs. Online Leads

In lead generation, there are two sides of the coin: offline and online. On one hand, you have offline leads which are generated from things like industry events and face-to-face meetings. With today’s increased emphasis on digital, offline leads are becoming scarcer and, as a result, more expensive to acquire. The reduced clutter does tend […]

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Identify Long-Term Leads and Convert Them Using Targeted Nurture

Have you been neglecting long-term leads? They meet your definition of a marketing qualified lead, but they just aren’t ready to buy. Unlike short-term leads, who often eagerly reach out to ask questions, explain their buying timeframe and reveal issues with their current vendor, long-term leads are often more reserved. They may not open every […]

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