Marketing Automation

How Many Leads Do You Need?

You can never have too many leads, right? Not quite. If your sales and marketing teams are drowning in leads, inevitably, the quality of outreach suffers.  Marketers limited to larger, more generalized segments. Salespeople are unable to incorporate as much research and personalization. Often, the result is paying more for less. Your team is so […]

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Infographic – How Do You Generate Leads with Marketing Automation?

One of the biggest selling points of marketing automation is the ability to generate more leads. Marketers said as much when surveyed. But how do you realize the lead generation potential of marketing automation? That’s the question this week’s infographic tackles. The infographic comes to us from Technology Advice. This brief but impactful infographic walks […]

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9 Common Misconceptions About Lead Nurture

You know what they say about assumptions, right? I’m not allowed to say that word on this blog, but you know how the saying goes. Sometimes, from our point of view (isolated in our offices) we can make assumptions about leads that aren’t quite correct. These misconceptions can cause us to push leads too hard […]

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Learn What Customers Have to Say About These 7 Marketing Automation Tools

Every year, more and more marketing automation tools emerge. Which one is the best fit for your business? First, you need to ask some simple questions, like “What do I need a marketing automation tool for?” or “How could a marketing automation tool improve my marketing/offering?” Then you need to take into consideration many factors […]

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4 Characteristics of Personalization in 2018

Every year, it seems that marketers are talking about the upcoming one as the “year of personalization.” But, like anything digital, the meaning and usage of personalization is perpetually changing. In the past, personalization was as simple as inserting the prospective buyer’s name into an email. As time passes, marketers have noticed that, often, this […]

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Infographic – 5 Automated Emails Smart Marketers Send

Automated emails tend to get a bad reputation. They’re often pegged as impersonal or lazy. Realistically, automated emails are as personalized and effective as any other emails sent through your system. Like all emails, their quality depends on the creator. When properly used, automated emails open new doors for marketers. Automation allows you to deliver […]

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How to Bulk Up Your List With Fresh Data

Data is driving the world, business, and especially marketing. Even though data is already the world’s largest economic good, very few marketers have money to spend on it. But as data continues to grow, it is expected that spending on quantitative data about customer behavior and market activities is expected to jump from 4.6% to […]

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Infographic – Content Intelligence in Five Minutes

In an industry filled with buzzwords, content intelligence is undoubtedly among the buzziest. While generally considered to be an important part of the future of content marketing, many struggle to frame content intelligence. This week’s infographic (from Curata) clears up some misconceptions about content intelligence. The infographic defines content intelligence, provides some background, and gives […]

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Infographic – How to Speak Marketing Automation

Adopting a new marketing automation system is stressful. Each system comes with a slightly different way of doing things. There are new interfaces to explore and processes to implement. As if that wasn’t enough, new systems also come with a new set of terminology. Learning new terminology is nothing insurmountable. Most of us learn a […]

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How Engagement Data Can Help Realign Marketing and Buying Processes

When your company sets out to make an important purchase, what’s the process? Who determines the need? Who sets the budget? Who compares alternatives? Who decides the purchase timeframe? Who makes the final decision? Chances are, you named a handful of different people in answering these questions. For example, your immediate boss might determine the […]

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