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Make Your Marketing Stand Out with Photography

As a visual person in a generation of visual people, I require visual stimuli in order to generate a response. Images, videos, and graphics reel people in from a world of otherwise lifeless content. When scrolling through Facebook or Medium or any other social media platform, what will grab your attention is an image. You’d […]

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Infographic – 12 Types of Video

As long as video continues to be a mainstay of modern digital experiences, there’s going to be a struggle to put out new and exciting videos. In comparison to other types of content, videos simply require more planning, creativity, and technical know-how. It’s easy to get stuck with the familiar, putting out the same videos […]

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How to Wield FOMO as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Have you heard of FOMO? It’s a product of social media, wherein people don’t want to miss out on an experience or opportunity, partially because then they would have to see all their friends’ pictures on social media about it after. Created by a need to always be there and peddled by social networks like […]

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31 Tweetable Statistics That Prove the Importance of B2B Blogging

Today, it seems like everybody has a blog or two. There’s more than 440 million blogs between just Tumblr, Squarespace, and WordPress. Blogging has become so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget just how important blogging is. There’s no other channel that can bring the same versatility and value that a good B2B blog brings. […]

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Infographic – How Black Friday Became The Biggest Shopping Day of The Year

As this year’s Thanksgiving holiday approached, many business owners were looking past Turkey Day to the commercial heyday immediately following it. Black Friday – and it’s cousin Cyber Monday – are huge events for businesses. But how did these days come to be synonymous with commerce? And how can small businesses take advantage? This special […]

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Infographic – Give Thanks for Data-Driven Marketing

The Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. It’s a holiday that asks us to reflect on the things we appreciate – between bites of a hearty seasonal meal. Giving thanks can extend to your professional life as well. Data-driven marketing has become an increasingly important tactic for many organizations. It helps companies to personalize, […]

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Email Marketing Creates Sustainable Small Business Success

In the world of small business marketing, there are lots of options to promote your company. Some of the common channels are social media, direct mail, and web, print, TV and radio ads. Email marketing by small businesses – though most cost-effective by comparison to the other choices – is underutilized. Each of the above options has […]

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Infographic – Big Data and Marketing

“Big data” is a term everyone has probably heard. There’s a mystique to it. We often see it used as a catch-all term to describe the large-scale information collection and analysis programs of leading companies. Most agree it’s powerful and innovative, but what does big data really mean? Simply put, big data the use of […]

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Infographic – 21 Ways to Unlock Creative Genius

We’ve all sat staring at a blank screen – a document, illustration, or code snippet that just wouldn’t come together. As marketers, we’re asked to apply our creativity on a daily basis. Naturally, this is challenging at times, even for the most imaginative people. Everyone has their own ways of breaking through creative blocks. Some […]

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Infographic – Drive Sales with Content

It wasn’t long ago that a marketer’s role in the buying process was simply the initial capture. From there, the marketer was to step away and allow the salesperson to educate and close the deal. As buyers have become more comfortable with online content and self-education, the handoff point has shifted. Today’s buyers want a […]

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