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Infographic – How to Run a Meeting so Stuff Actually Gets Done

Every company holds meetings. Every employee attends meetings, probably several times every week. Most of us dread to see them coming up on the calendar.  Are all these meetings really necessary? While meetings may not be everyone’s favorite activity, they are an important part of running a business. Effective meetings play an important role in […]

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Organize Your Marketing Calendar With These 8 Tools

A marketing strategy only works if it’s well-executed. It doesn’t matter how long you spend on a marketing strategy, if you don’t follow up your efforts by making a calendar, you are doomed to a lifetime of content disorganization. What can a small business do to plan out their content offerings for a week, month, […]

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5 Cross Training Tips for Marketers

You’ve been flexing your marketing muscles a lot lately, perhaps they’re getting tired? Instead of fighting through that fatigue and racing towards burnout, marketers should take some lessons from the professionals that specialize in endurance. Athletes of every sort know that cross training is critical. Cross training has the following benefits: Preventing injury due to […]

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5 Chores for Marketers to Wrap Up 2017 Right

This week and the week after Christmas are notoriously quiet in business. After all, many need to travel home for the holidays and others might be using up the last of their time off. Some marketers are off for the rest of the year, others work all next week. But the year is ending and […]

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7 Tips for Better Small Business Content Writing

You may have noticed that there isn’t nearly as much content directed at small business (SMB) content writers. It is high time we reach out to this underserved segment. According to Microsoft’s US Small & Midsized Business Blog, 96% of the executives surveyed agreed that the quality and structure of their marketing content is essential […]

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