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31 Tweetable Statistics That Prove the Importance of B2B Blogging

Today, it seems like everybody has a blog or two. There’s more than 440 million blogs between just Tumblr, Squarespace, and WordPress. Blogging has become so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget just how important blogging is. There’s no other channel that can bring the same versatility and value that a good B2B blog brings. […]

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26 Intriguing Mobile Marketing Statistics

The average person spends two hours per day looking at a mobile screen. Think about that. Two hours out of every twenty-four – 8% of an entire day – on a mobile device. That’s more time than users spend watching TV or using a personal computer. Whether it’s at home, at work, or in between, […]

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21 (More) Surprising and Tweetable Lead Generation Statistics

Spurred by the statistic that six out of ten US-based B2B marketers reported lead generation as their biggest online marketing challenge, we put together a number of telling statistics for our initial “21 Surprising (and Tweetable) Lead Generation Statistics” post. We looked into lead generation sources, challenges, and outcomes in an effort to explain what […]

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Infographic – Make Social Measurable: Best Practices and Metrics to Grow and Succeed

The ability to track the results of your social efforts is crucial. Like all aspects of business, social media must be measured in order to capitalize on successes, minimize mistakes, and use resources to the fullest potential. The return on investment for social media will increase over time as you continue to expand your reach and authority. […]

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29 Insightful (and Tweetable) B2B Content Marketing Statistics

A full-fledged content marketing effort is no small undertaking.  Between planning, implementation, and ongoing management, there’s no shortage of to-dos.  Paired with the often-required investments – content, distribution, staff, etc. – content marketing starts to look like a hard sell to your CEO. While content marketing certainly isn’t a short-term solution for many organizational needs, […]

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21 Surprising (and Tweetable) Lead Generation Statistics

For the second year in a row, B2B marketers rated lead generation as their top online marketing challenge.  Six out of ten respondents identified lead generation as a problem area, placing it well ahead of other issues like channel attribution, brand awareness, and customer retention. With lead generation so central to the growth of businesses, […]

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34 (Tweetable) Marketing Automation Statistics that Every B2B Marketer Should See

Can you imagine making a major B2B purchase without ever speaking to a sales rep?  Better yet, can you imagine your customers doing the same?  Today, that sounds pretty far-fetched, but in reality, it’s not very far off.  According to Gartner Research, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their business relationships without talking to […]

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