What is Value and How Do You Add It to Content?

What is value? And how do you add value to your content? Imagine you are lost in the jungle. There are mosquitos swarming you, it’s hot and damp, and the sun is starting to set, making the foreboding rustling in the undergrowth around you that much more terrifying. All of a sudden, you come across […]

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Organize Your Marketing Calendar With These 8 Tools

A marketing strategy only works if it’s well-executed. It doesn’t matter how long you spend on a marketing strategy, if you don’t follow up your efforts by making a calendar, you are doomed to a lifetime of content disorganization. What can a small business do to plan out their content offerings for a week, month, […]

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5 Chores for Marketers to Wrap Up 2017 Right

This week and the week after Christmas are notoriously quiet in business. After all, many need to travel home for the holidays and others might be using up the last of their time off. Some marketers are off for the rest of the year, others work all next week. But the year is ending and […]

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Every Brand Blunders — 4 Tips for Better Apologies

It seems like everyone is apologizing as the internet continues to shine a harsh, brutally revealing light on both brands and individuals in the public eye. Think of Uber, which has suffered from every sort of scandal possible this year, from allegations of sexual misconduct internally to its Greyball software, which allowed the company to […]

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4 Ways to Future Proof Your Marketing Efforts

As the digital world expands, marketing and its technology changes rapidly. What is considered the most agile practice today will be old news in the near future. It occurred with direct mail, and then again with direct email. And those are just two of the major marketing technologies that are no longer trendy in today’s […]

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