Employee Spotlight
Marcia Smith, VP and Cat Herder

1. What’s your role and how long have you been with HIPB2B?

I’m the VP of Cat Herding. No, wait. That’s incorrect. Let me look. OH! I’m the VP of the folks dwelling in Siberia. NO, dang it. Still not correct. Hmmm, says here that I am the VP of Financial, Administrative and Creative Operations. How long have I been here? Since HIP was just a wee operation above our CEO’s garage, so 12 years and change.

2. What’s your favorite thing about working at HIPB2B?

The flexibility to engage with so many facets of the team and operations as well as the added bonus of time flexibility. HIP is a growing, successful company, and as such it appreciates the need for flexibility in schedules and time. My second favorite thing about being part of the HIP team is . . THE TEAM. I work with an amazing group of individuals who make being at work truly very enjoyable.

3. What’s one thing you’ve learned from working at HIPB2B?

One thing? Hmmmmm. I guess HIP and I have grown up a bit, together. The most valuable lesson I have received from working for this company is that there is a vastness of knowledge within the team, and all are willing to share this knowledge base with any of their teammates. I have learned so much from our group, and not just about Demand Generation, but life lessons. Priceless gifts and tools. Sales guys coin the phrase A.B.C., but for me, A.B.L. is a better acronym.

4. What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?

Not working? HAHAHAHAHA! I enjoy . . many things. I could list the usual suspects, like hiking (MILD hiking, not Caitlyn Smith hiking), hanging with William, having time to read a book (uninterrupted), binge-watching a show or watching a film I’ve been wanting to see, traveling (family and friends), traveling (oceans and beaches), traveling (mountains and trees), going on little adventures here and there, and, of course, cruising around in my sweet R60. Oh, and drag racing. Others rarely (if ever) are aware that they are in a heavily competitive race to the next light, but I know. I win a lot due to them not being in the know. Six-on-the-floor and a turbo engine also help.

5. What’s one good memory from during the pandemic?

A good memory from these past 18-ish months is that life finds a way. I think Jeff Goldblum said that long before I did (actually, I didn’t come up with that line; a professional writer did, handed it to Jeff to read, and it became a classic movie line that is so very true, and, well, Jeff said it).

Nature does Her thing. I found it fascinatingly incredible to watch and hear, once travelers were off the roads and whatnot, how quickly the skies cleared. How quiet the world became, just full of Nature’s beauty and all of her wonderful sounds. I also love the fact that life continued on its course; people still had HAPPY milestones in their lives, such as getting married, having babies, moving into new homes, or starting new jobs. Despite the heartache and pain that surrounded us, life kept rolling forward and shining happiness over the sadness.

6. What’s something you’re most looking forward to in a post-COVID world?

The cessation of the non-stop bickering and battling over who is vaccinated or not, whether we have to wear masks, or not, and just being able to be the social creatures we were born to be, without boundaries. I’m also looking forward to kids being allowed to going back to being kids. And hugging. I’m ready to get back to surprising strangers with a big, warm bear hug. After that, they are no longer strangers, correct?

7. Top 5 desert island books/movies/tv shows/podcasts etc.

None. The desert island? Yeah, SIGN. ME. UP. I don’t listen to podcasts and have no list of other media forms that I need time secluded time away for. Did I mention that I’d like to be signed up for the desert island?! Single island, please. With fresh drinking water, lots of books, and some beautiful palm trees. A visiting dolphin would be sweet. Dolphins love hugs and I bet we would have some amazing conversations.

8. What is something people don’t know about you?

I’m often viewed as a real hard-ass. Stubborn. Sometimes difficult. I’m actually quite the opposite. Yeah, I’m stubborn, but that is hard-wired in my DNA strand, same as my literalness; hard-wired and over the top. I am working on NOT being so easily typecast. In reality, I am extremely sensitive. To me, just about everything that has life has feelings. If I bump a tree or plant, I’m as prone to apologize to that being, in the same way, I would apologize to a human or animal. I also have an extremely analytical, logical brain. I can assess an issue and usually come up with what, to me, would be the logical solution. For years I have been asked, by those unfamiliar with my work and/or life history, if I am an engineer. I am also frequently asked if I am in the medical or education arena due to the fact that I pay attention to those that are and have picked up much of the lingo. I’d also do anything within my power to alleviate pain and hurt from another soul, especially my babies.

9. What is one accomplishment in your life that you’re proud of?

My greatest accomplishment in life has been my children. They are also my greatest failure, as I feel I let them down throughout their lives, but despite their mother’s many shortcomings, they became incredible, productive, strong adults. I am so deeply proud of each of them. Not because they are mine, but because they rose above circumstances that were beyond their control, and, not only survived but thrived and became priceless assets to the world.

10. What’s your hidden talent?

I was going to say that I can roll my tongue, but Science has proven that such a feat is due to a gene and not talent, so that’s off the table. Not a lot of talent coming from this one, but I am not too shabby with writing. I’m pretty good with meaningful one-liners and will periodically produce multiple paragraphs. When my kids were little I wrote a couple of children’s stories. Never published, but written and shared amongst a community of friends and family. Is that a talent?!? One other thing and I don’t really view it as a talent, but more of a gift from Nature and the Universe; I see beauty in things/places/faces that others just cannot see, or choose not to see.

11. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I have a list of things as long as my arm of what I would love to learn, but at the top would be painting. I’d also love to learn how to take my photography up a notch or two. And, it would be fantastic to be taught how to properly play the piano, guitar, and a multitude of other musical instruments. The tools are out there for all these things. I just have to make that first step and start collecting the knowledge.

12. PC or Mac? iPhone or Android?

Wait, is this a trick question? Are we auditioning for a Coen Brother’s sequel??? Mac/Apple.

13. What’s one project you’re working on, personally or professionally?

I’m working on the project of being a better person and that is an ongoing, never-ending project; may it always be so. Professionally? I am working on being a better human element within the workforce. Like the personal aspect, it is a daily learning process, and may it never cease.

14. What’s on your bucket list?

I would really like to see other parts of the world, such as Ireland, England, Scotland, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Norway. At some juncture, I would love to relocate to the PNW and have the time and financial stability to explore the coast opposite where my life currently resides. I’ve been drawn to the west since I was in my teens and it is a longing that has never left my heart. I also would not mind being a publishable author or photographer.

15. What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

Another R60. Likely a GP. Would have to be a JCW. I won’t win the lottery, as I don’t ever buy a ticket (I can throw a dollar into any nearby garbage can just as easily), but, if I were ever to come into extra funds, that is what I would buy. Selfish, right??? I should buy something for someone else, but that was the first thing that came to my mind. If we’re talking about suddenly having an unexpected influx of cash in general, not focusing on procuring material possessions, I’d pay off any and all debts that my children might have, pay off any debt I have, and then donate the rest. Possibly establish a safe haven for abandoned animals.

16. What is your dream job?

I would truly love to follow in my great-grandfather’s footsteps and become a successful saloon owner, a place where ‘everyone knows your name’ and judgments are never cast. My great-grandfather has his name engraved in a cornerstone above the doorway of the building where he operated his establishment, in Milwaukee.

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