HIPB2B Climbs Up Among Top Lead Generation Providers on Clutch

hipb2b_climbs_up_amongst_top_lead_generation_providers_on_clutchFrom operating in a family garage during our humble beginnings in 2009 to growing into today’s thriving team, we have perfected a demand generation process using a combination of marketing automation, email, and historical data to help serve your content to potential leads. At HIPB2B, we connect businesses with individuals at companies who are interested. We recognize the importance of the basics of B2B lead generation that play a pivotal role for our clients and continue our success here at HIPB2B.

Clutch-HIPB2B-BadgeOur success with expanding our clients’ reach has not gone unnoticed. Through our successes, we are now featured among the top Lead Generation/Email Marketing Agencies on Clutch. Also specializing in B2B services, Clutch is a Washington DC-based ratings and reviews platform for businesses looking for service providers. The agencies listed on their site are capable of solving a wide variety of problems for buyers’ business needs ranging from app development to advertising and marketing.

Our ranking on Clutch is based on direct feedback from our past clients. These reviews are obtained by Clutch’s business analysts who actually speak with our clients in phone interviews. After collecting our initial reviews, our final rating has averaged out to a 4.8-stars out of 5-stars! Take a look at what our clients shared with the Clutch team:


“A significant portion of their leads covert to the next stage in the sales process. Executive-level engagement facilitates a productive project.” – CMO, Media Company

“HIPB2B has delivered relevant leads to this point, prompting further collaboration. The team succeeds in providing valuable marketing strategies and identifying worthwhile business opportunities.” – Digital Marketing Manager, Dude Solutions

“HIPB2B gives us the best value we’ve seen across all of our Cost Per Lead vendors.”Senior Corporate Marketing Manager, LogMeIn


Furthermore, we have been ranked among the top email marketing companies in New York on The Manifest, a sister-site to Clutch which provides industry reports and other metrics to help companies narrow their searches. Also, we are one of the leading digital marketing agencies on Visual Objects where examples and visual representations of our work can be found.

We deliver relevant consumer information and prompt further collaboration to help our clients advance to their next steps toward continual success. With our partnership with Clutch, we plan to continue receiving feedback from our clients so that HIPB2B can work towards boosting our position on Clutch as the #1 marketing company in New York and beyond.

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