Reel in B2B Buyers With These Addictive Marketing Strategies


That’s what good content accomplishes.

Without being able to help themselves, your audience waits with baited breath for the content you’ve created. They devour everything you put in front of them, without coming up for air. They hang out on your website, shifting from article to article. They stalk your social media channels, engaging with them so often that every social algorithm puts your content at the top of their feed.

How do you create content that makes your audience like addicts, signing up for notifications about your latest blog post or video?

You must create compelling, engaging content that not only earns the click metric, but also the time read metric and the low bounce rate from your site that most marketers only dream about.

What makes something addictive?

There are four steps to creating something, be it a product/service or a piece or content, that is addictive.

The first is the trigger. This is the need, the pain point that those in your audience have. This is what your content needs to fill.

The next is the action. This is the action that your brand asks your audience to take. It could be clicking a social post and following a link to the blog.

The next step is the reward. This is the step that makes their click, the form they filled out, whatever action they took, worthwhile. This the valuable knowledge you shared, the laugh they got from a funny piece of content, or a tool that you created for them.

The final step is investment. This is when you require something more from the audience. This might be signing up for your mailing list after reading your post or following your brand on social. These little signs of engagement that your audience does willingly helps reaffirm their decision to interact with your brand, starting the cycle of hooking them just a little bit more.

Basically, what I’ve outlined above is how to create a habit out of your audiences’ content consumption.

You ideally want them to integrate reading your content into their routines. That’s how addiction works in other areas and it isn’t so different with content. Maybe they take a lunch break and read your latest blog post. Or watch your latest video while lying in bed before work.

Just like a smoker needs a cigarette after a meal or when they first wake up, your content can become habit-forming – but only if you do it right.

Below are some tips to ensuring your content is addictive.


Exploit Pain Points

This focuses on the trigger aspect. In order to induce your audience into getting hooked to your post, you need to ensure that your content hits upon their pain points.

Figure out what worries them when they are driving to work each morning or what worries them about the future as the sit at their desk. What stresses them out daily.

Determine where you can help with that and create content about it. It doesn’t even need to be about your product, it just needs to appeal to the demographics that you’re targeting.

If you properly exploit those triggers, your content will immediately be more effective.


Be Consistent

This appeals to the cyclical nature of the addiction cycle. One of the most important parts of creating a habit or addiction is making sure it’s consistently available.

That means that creating a calendar for your content is imperative.

The ideal for truly addictive content would be posting something new each day, multiple times a day so that every potential buyer will see it. This sort of consistency will make it easy for your audience to repeat the cycle of habit each day.


Make the Reward Worth the Action

In short, make sure your content is good. Make sure it has value to your audience.

The last thing you want is to tease your audience into clicking through to your content, only to have it be lackluster.

Make good, relevant content that your team is proud of. Then check the analytics from this content and work to optimize it to best fit the needs of your audience.


Try Alternative Forms of Content

Try something new. Do something you’ve never done before. And do it often.

Create an infographic or go live on Periscope. Explore the varying forms of content out there. Some forms of content work better than others, depending on the platform and your audience.

Video is very popular right now, live video especially so. And everyone loves when they can look at an easy to digest picture as opposed to long blocks of text.

These are just a few steps you can take to create compelling content that will have your audience hooked. By integrating your brand into the daily lives of this group, you’ll find that it’s easier to drive your leads down the pipeline and towards purchase.


What types of content get you hooked? Are they on this list? What other strategies would you add? Let us know in the comments section.


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