How to Express Gratitude as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

This Thursday kicks off the holiday season and Thanksgiving in the United States. On and around Thanksgiving, you unsurprisingly hear a lot about giving thanks for what we have.

The attitude of gratitude is something you can both practice and cultivate in all aspects of your business. Expressing appreciation for those who make your company run smoothly during the holiday season and all year round does wonders for your business and its relationships.

In today’s post, we talk about ways you can express gratitude this holiday season and beyond.


Your employees are what makes your business run.

It’s a good practice to express your gratitude to the individuals that make your business possible. Gratitude has been shown to multiply as well. Expressing your gratitude will likely trigger gratitude in your employees, which will trigger more gratitude.

Gratitude trigger positive feedback loops. Did you know that 65% of Americans didn’t receive any recognition in the workplace last year?

That’s a problem because employees that aren’t recognized by their bosses are more likely to be disengaged. A disengaged employee is less happy and, therefore, less productive.

It’s important to recognize and express gratitude for your employees, both new and old. Be careful with your efforts. I won’t name names, but I was doing freelance editing for a company once, and they had me edit their employee recognition emails.

Not only did the fancy formatting make the gesture feel too impersonal, but also the 10-year email had copy-pasted the message from the 5-year email. I was glad I caught it because that would be such an insulting typo to make.

How can you express your gratitude to your employees this year?

  • Send out a social media post with a team photo, thanking them for their hard work and service.
  • Have employee showcases, both internal and externally facing that highlight the hard work of an individual.
  • Highlight examples of things your organization does for others.
  • Send personal emails from managers or C-suite either just to the email, their team or another
  • Give them a small token of your appreciation. That could be anything from a Starbucks gift card, to buying the team lunch the day before a holiday.

Engaged employees are better employees. Express your gratitude to them, not just during the holidays but all year round.


Your partners, the businesses that enable your business to do what it does, are an integral part of doing business today.

It turns out that gratitude makes humans more social and ready to connect. You can inspire feelings of gratitude by expressing your own.

Making your partners in business feel appreciated is an important part of keeping the relationship intact.

You can thank your business partners in a similar way to your employees, though you should step it up for partners to ensure they know they’re appreciated:

  • Send their office the gift of food. Think chocolate, edible arrangements, etc. Maybe accompany it with a note thanking them for their work with your business.
  • Buy them lunch. Send them a message saying that you want to buy their entire team lunch from a local establishment as a symbol of goodwill and appreciation.
  • Create a partner spotlight. You can feature a different partner every week and write social media posts highlighting how they contribute to your organization.

A little gratitude goes a long way. Your partners will enjoy your tokens of gratitude and might even post about them on their marketing channels. It’s a win-win.


Your customers enable your business to pay its employees, maintain relationships with partners, and exist at all.

Now, we aren’t saying that every customer that you’ve worked with needs some extravagant show of gratitude.

There are different levels of customers, and so you can express your gratitude for each in different ways. You can even express gratitude to your leads and audience. It doesn’t just have to be for those that have already paid you.

We recommend a sliding scale for all of those that support your business. Here are some examples of tokens of gratitude you can express.

  • Followers– determine who your most engaged followers are on your most active social media channels. Recognize them for their continued support either with a post or a small gift.
  • Occasional customers – send out an email to your customers who only purchased from your organization in smaller amounts. It doesn’t have to be super personal, but sharing how their business supports your organization will do wonders for the relationship.
  • Super customers – certain customers make up a massive chunk of your yearly revenue. Make sure you express how important their business is to you by giving them one of the gifts like you might have to a partner (as they play a large role in keeping your business afloat).

Gratitude doesn’t just have to come around Thanksgiving and the holiday season. While gratitude might be top-of-mind now, you may find that using gratitude as part of your marketing and sales cycle is more beneficial during the rest of the year.

Weekly doses of gratitude will show that your brand appreciates those that make it possible. That will trigger gratitude amongst those you thank, and that will translate into better relationships and a better business.


Let us know what you think: 

  • How do you express gratitude to those that make your business possible? 
  • Do you only do it during the holidays? Or do you express gratitude throughout the year?
  • What was the best token of gratitude you’ve received in the context of business? 



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