Infographic – 10 Crucial Blogging Tips for Lead Generation

Blogs are the centerpiece of many content marketing efforts, particularly in B2B companies. Businesses – small or large – can generate a significant amount of qualified leads by sharing their expertise through a blog.

That said, you can’t just post any old content and hope the leads roll in. Effective B2B blogs follow a set of 10 best practices defined in this week’s infographic. This infographic comes to us from Callbox.

A few of the most important points include

  • #3 Highly Educational Content – make content useful and insightful
  • #6 Visually Stand Out – web design is you virtual fashion
  • #7 Connect with Authority Blogs – Let them know you’re “in”


[Click to Enlarge]





Let us know what you think:

  • Does your blog generate quality leads?
  • What makes your blog effective?
  • How could you improve your blogging efforts?



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Blogs can be great for lead generation, but you can’t just post any old content.

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