Infographic – 21 Content Writing Secrets to Convert Leads Online

When researching a product or service, the Internet is often the first place we turn. With a wealth of instantly available product information and user reviews, it’s simply more convenient and effective to shop online. This is true of both B2B and B2C purchases.

As customers continue to focus on self-education, web content becomes more and more vital to sales. Your content (relative to that of your competitors) is what determines whether or not a visitor reaches out.

Creating great content is more important than ever – and this week’s infographic helps you to do exactly that. The infographic, which comes to use from Manage Inbound, gives us 21 tips for creating high-converting content.

Some key tips from the infographic include:

  • Use detailed and branded images. These have been shown to attract 67% more audience attention.
  • Ask a question at the end of the post to entice the audience to leave a comment or ask another question.
  • Give the facts. Up to 50% of potential sales are lost due to inadequate information.


Let us know what you think:

  • How do your customers discover your company?
  • Which channels have been most successful for you?
  • What strategies do you use in creating your content?


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