Infographic – 21 Sentences You Should Never Include in an Email for Any Reason

In an email, it’s all too easy to be unintentionally off-putting. Emails lack the tone, inflection, and body language of face-to-face communication. It’s easy for a genuine message to come off snarky or contrived.

Whether you’re sending a one-to-one email or a large-scale campaign, certain phrases are sure to make your email strike the wrong chord. This week’s infographic covers twenty-one such sentences that you should avoid at all costs. It also provides tips for replacing these faux pas with stronger word choices.

Some of the worst offenders include

  • “You don’t know me [but…]”
  • “We should connect.”
  • “I’m no expert [but…]”
  • “[In case] you didn’t read my last email […]”
21 Sentences You Should Never Include in an Email for Any Reason


Let us know what you think:

  • Do you agree with our list of phrases?
  • Have you been guilty of using any of these?
  • Would you add any sentences to the list?


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