Infographic – The 3 R’s of Content Marketing

As the authority of traditional marketing continues to diminish in today’s marketing industry, content marketing is becoming one of the most effective new approaches. This is especially true for small businesses that are subject to budget constraints or a lack of resources. Content marketing is a cost effective solution for differentiating your brand while driving awareness, engagement, and leads.

However, the realm of content marketing is competitive. It takes expertise, thought, editing, time, and effort in order to be successful. And many marketers struggle to continuously produce high quality content for their audience. That is why there are existing strategies for “increasing the shelf life” of the content you’ve already created- as opposed to constantly investing time and effort into creating new content.

This infographic, provided by Marketo, offers three strategies for improving the quality and leverage of your existing content- reorganize, rewrite, and retire. Employing these three strategies into your content marketing plan can save your business both time and money, while increasing the success of your efforts.

Some key points from this infographic include:

  • Checking for a more current version of a previously cited study or report will keep content relevant.
  • White papers, e-books, and cheat sheets are great ways to reorganize content.
  • Retaining content that’s past its expiration date damages your company’s authority and credibility.
  • Consumers are inundated with more than 2,900 marketing messages per day, making it difficult to be heard.

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Let us know what you think:

  • What is your strategy for improving upon existing content?
  • What advice did you find most helpful?
  • Did you learn anything new from this infographic?



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