Infographic – 33 Exceptional Email Marketing Tips in 140 Characters or Less

33-email-marketing-tips-coverA lot of email marketing lessons can only be discovered with time and testing, and that usually means making mistakes.

That said, there are many other email marketing lessons that you can learn from others – others who have already made those mistakes and learned from them.

This week’s infographic is dedicated to the latter case. It comes to us from Ethos3 by way of Brandon Gaille. The infographic contains 33 email marketing tips from a wide variety of industry experts.

A few of the most notable tips include:

  • “Quit wasting people’s time. Only email when you have something truly valuable or helpful to say.”
  • “Don’t be self-centered. Focus on your subscribers, not on yourself. Use less ‘we’ and more ‘you.’”
  • “Emails with ‘boring’ subject lines perform better than subject lines that are ‘salesy’ or too sensational.”


[Click to Enlarge]




Let us know what you think:

  • Do you agree with all the tips?
  • Which tip do you think is most important?
  • Would you add anything to the list?



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