Infographic – A Deep Dive: 5 Answers to the Most Common Lead Nurturing Questions

Infographic – A Deep Dive: 5 Answers to the Most Common Lead Nurturing Questions

As marketers, we work hard to create leads. We write and design hoards of engaging content, we optimize our delivery channels down to the smallest of details, and we target everything for just a small segment of prospective buyers.

It’s surprising, then, that so many marketing qualified leads (MQLs) never end up impacting the bottom line.  According to a recent study by Ascend2, only 2% of marketing qualified leads resulted in closed business.

Stop and consider that. Just two out of every hundred… A drop in the ocean.

Naturally, no one would expect every marketing qualified lead to convert. But, considering all the work that goes into creating a lead, two out of every hundred is less than impressive.  Surely, more than a couple individuals out of a group the size of a small high school graduating class have a legitimate interest in your products or service.

So, what can marketers do?

Lead nurturing, to put it simply. As it turns out, an average of about 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. By holding onto leads a little longer, driving more engagement, and passing them along at the right moment, marketers can drastically improve their chances that the leads become sales opportunities.

Lead nurturing can be uncharted waters for many companies, but luckily, this week’s infographic answers all the key questions you need to get started nurturing leads. We’re proud to announce that this is first infographic created right here at HiP. Data for the project was provided by Ascend2.

Some key points of the infographic include:

  • Leads who are effectively nurtured produce 20% more sales opportunities
  • Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads
  • Companies with a lead generation/lead nurture strategy have a 9.3% high sales quota attainment rate


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