Infographic – 8 Phrases that Will Increase Your Influence with Prospects

phrases-for-prospect-influence-coverWhat separates your top sales reps from all the others? They have the same training, the same software, and the same content at their disposal. They’re working with the same types of leads. Something is setting them apart – but what?

The answer is influence. The best reps are influencing leads and prospects, without coming off as pushy. They do this through a particular conversational, charismatic style. Luckily for the rest of us, this is something that can be emulated using specific phrases.

This week’s infographic, which comes to us from HubSpot, explains the phrases you can use to increase influence with your prospects. It outlines each of the phrases and provides a short explanation of why they work.
A few of the more impactful phrases include:

  • “Tell me more.”
  • “One of my customers…”
  • “Imagine…”
Infographic – 8 Phrases that Will Increase Your Influence with Prospects



Let us know what you think:

  • Do you use the phrases outlined in the infographic?
  • Do you agree about the effectiveness of the phrases?
  • Would you add any other phrases to the list?


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