Infographic – A Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing

There’s a reason that marketers are increasing their content marketing budgets by an average of 25%. Content marketing looks poised to play a major role in the future of marketing – and it’s not for nothing. Content marketing is a desirable combination of affordable and uniquely effective.

Content providers from a much different kind of relationship with clients; the brand provides value before the client ever spends a dollar. Potential clients can interact with content where, when, and, generally, however they want. This type of personalized experience creates positive attitudes toward the brand, while simultaneously creating a stronger relationship. By using the company as a resource, customers are educating themselves in much the same way a traditional ad would, but they’re doing it unobtrusively. When the time comes to make a decision related to the product, the content provider has an inside track in the consideration set.

This Friday’s infographic provides some numbers to back up the above claims. It comes to us from Demand Metric. Overall, the infographic provides a solid overview of content marketing, from industry background to benefits to steps for implementation.

A few figures stand out in this infographic. First, it’s important to note that 70% responded that they would rather learn about a company through an article rather than an advertisement. Early on, prospects require some nurture – they’re easy to stifle. Content, like articles, equips them with the freedom to self-educate. Similarly, it’s important to pay attention to numbers around the strength of content marketing relationships. A vast majority of respondents reported active engagement, positive sentiment, and closer ties to the company. It’s the difference between a partner and a provider – and it means a lot to clients.


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Infographic – A Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing




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  • What’s the biggest benefit of content marketing?
  • What’s the biggest challenge?
  • How does content marketing compare to digital advertising?



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