Infographic – Anatomy of a Successful B2B Sales Email

There’s no shortage of content covering the perfect marketing email, whether it’s an outbound promotion, a nurture email, or even an automated response. But what about the emails coming later in the funnel?

Sales emails have their own set of best practices and faux pas. In some cases, these rules are at odds with typical practices for marketers. In other cases, it’s easy to see the similarities.

This week’s infographic provides a set of tips, stats, and templates for effective sales emails. The infographic comes to us from SalesStaff. Whether you’re a marketer looking to better align with Sales or a salesperson looking to optimize your messages, this infographic has something for you.

A few key pieces from the infographic include

  • 64% of recipients open email based on subject line alone
  • 19% of all emails received in 2012 were marked as spam
  • Nurturing emails boost response rate 4-10x compared to standalone emails


Infographic – Anatomy of a Successful B2B Sales Email



Let us know what you think:

  • Do you use templates for your sales emails?
  • How do you personalize sales emails?
  • What steps do you take to align Sales and Marketing?


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