Infographic – Ascend to New Heights in Content Marketing: Maximizing Content ROI

Content marketers have a many forms of content at their disposal.  Unfortunately, with only 30% of B2B marketing budgets (less for B2C) dedicated to content marketing, they generally don’t have the funds to try them all.  This leads to some tough choices as to which content types to prioritize.

Several factors have to be considered when choosing one type of content over another.  Certain types of content lend themselves to certain goals.  For example, trials tend to work well at generating leads, whereas infographics are more useful for brand awareness and thought leadership.  It’s also important to consider where the content falls in the sales process.  Mapping out current content offerings against the steps in the sales process helps to identify gaps and opportunities for synergy.  Obviously, factors like cost and required development time must also be considered.

Today’s infographic aims to help quantify the returns of various content types.  It comes to us from Captora.  The infographic covers common B2B/B2C goals and the effectiveness of various content types.  It evaluates each content type using a combination of performance metrics and opinion data.

Some of the key findings of the infographic include:

  • Free trials were reported to be the best driver of lead quantity, with the endorsement of just under 50% of respondents
  • Live demos were reported to be the best generator of quality leads, with the endorsement of over 75% of respondents
  • Infographics posted the highest click-to-open rates for top-of-funnel offers at 51.3%
  • Case studies offered the best combination of effectiveness, time investment, and costs
  • Videos received some of the poorest ratings, citing high costs and relatively low ROI


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Let us know what you think:

  • What types of content work best for you?
  • Have you noticed that certain types of content works better than others?
  • How do you balance the different types of content?



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