Infographic – The Click-to-Call Opportunity: Why the Phone Call Is Back in Business

click-to-call-infographic-coverPhone calls are making a big return in online marketing. It’s thanks in no small part to click-to-call and the number of searches made on mobile devices.

Instead of typing a phone number manually in a separate app, click-to-call allows users to click a button or link and immediately initiate a phone call with the related company. In addition to being a smooth experience for customers, click-to-call makes conversions easier to quantify and track.

Find out how you can take advantage of click-to-call in this week’s infographic, which comes to use from M2 On Hold by way of MarketingProfs. The infographic explains click-to-call, discusses why it became popular, and provides a step-by-step guide to enabling click-to-call.

A few key points from the infographic include:

  • 61% of mobile users say click-to-call is most valuable in the purchase phase
  • The most popular reason for calling (over using a website) was to quickly get an answer or accomplish a goal
  • 74% of people are likely to choose another business after a negative phone experience






Let us know what you think:

  • Do you have a click-to-call button on your website?
  • Do you track calls related to your website, PPC, and organic search?
  • Are phone calls an important part of your lead generation?



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I personally use a “callback” button rather than a call me button. I found people are risk averse, so they would much rather have somebody call them.

I didn’t know you can track these with Google Analytics until I started using the widget from Callback Tracker! I always assumed it was ghost data, but I’m glad I can see where my phone traffic is coming from.

Phone calls are very important to my site. I run a digital marketing agency, “Something About Marketing,” and it’s important for me to raise my volume of leads however I can. Using a callback button has helped a lot. Everyone should have some kind of call me / callback button!

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