Infographic – Content Land: Find the Best Type of Visual for Your Objective and Content

Marketing is about tying a message to a medium. If done correctly, the medium complements the message and makes it more compelling. If not, the inverse is true.

With more options (and nuance) than ever, choosing the right visuals and formats to accompany your message can be a challenge. Images, infographics, videos, webinars, and interactive content all have their merits, depending on your audience and desired result.

This Friday’s infographic helps marketers select the right content format as they journey through a Candy Land-inspired game board. The infographic provides “pro tips” and statistics for each format.  It comes to us from Marketo.

Some interesting points from the infographic include

  • 58% of B2B and 63% of B2C marketers find success with infographics
  • People following directions with text and illustration do 323% better than those with text alone
  • Quizzes represented 8 of the top 10 most-shared articles in an 8-month period
  • In the first 30 seconds, 33% of unengaged viewers will stop watching. By 2 minutes, this rises to 60%.


[Click to Enlarge]




Let us know what you think:

  • What content formats have been most effective for you?
  • Are there content formats you avoid?
  • What content formats are you looking forward to in the future?



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