Infographic – Cut Through B2B Information Overload with Effective Storytelling

Infographic – Cut Through B2B Information Overload with Effective Storytelling

Ever come up with a great idea for a blog post or a white paper, only to research and find it’s already been written into oblivion?

It’s a frustratingly common occurrence in B2B marketing. The fact is, with a finite number of relevant topics and a constant stream of content production, content overlap is bound to happen.

This oversupply of content has been an unfortunate downside to the rise of content marketing. But you shouldn’t take that as an excuse to contribute more of the same old stale content.

In today’s environment of content clutter, there’s only one way to ensure that your messaging is unique: Tell a story that only you can tell.

This week’s infographic, which comes to us from LookBookHQ, explains how effective storytelling helps you stand out in a sea of similar content. It covers five techniques to create content that resonates rather than repeats what’s already been said.

Some key points from the infographic include:

  • 100,500 is the average number of digital words consumed by an average US citizen each day
  • 90% of surveyed professionals admit to throwing away important information without reading it.
  • It’s estimated that people see 5,000 marketing messages per day
  • “Don’t give them 4, give them 2+2”


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Let us know what you think:

  • How do you generate new content ideas?
  • How is storytelling involved in content creation?
  • What makes your content stand out from competitors?



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Matt Leap

Director of Marketing at HiP
Matt Leap is a marketer who enjoys wearing many hats at HiP. Among other things, he handles HiP's content marketing efforts and acts as the editor-in-chief of the HiP Blog. Matt is also a regular contributor to the blog. Matt brings five years of digital marketing and blogging experience to HiP, having worked in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Matt's expertise includes content marketing, content strategy, marketing automation, lead generation, SEO, and SEM. In his personal time, Matt enjoys sports, movies, technology, reading, and writing.
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