Infographic – Drive Sales with Content

It wasn’t long ago that a marketer’s role in the buying process was simply the initial capture. From there, the marketer was to step away and allow the salesperson to educate and close the deal.

As buyers have become more comfortable with online content and self-education, the handoff point has shifted. Today’s buyers want a wealth of information to allows them to educate before ever speaking to a sales rep. Marketing – and content – have a more expensive role in the buying process than ever before.

As a result, it’s that’s much more important for marketers to enable their sales teams through content. This week’s infographic provides eleven steps marketers can take to upgrade their content and better enable sales. It comes to us from ClearVoice.

A few key points from the infographic include:

  • 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their funnel
  • 30-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first
  • Up to 50% of leads are qualified, but not yet ready to buy


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Let us know what you think:

  • Have you mapped out your marketing funnel?
  • Do you plan to adopt any of the recommended steps?
  • Would you add anything to the list?


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