Infographic – Give Thanks for Data-Driven Marketing

The Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. It’s a holiday that asks us to reflect on the things we appreciate – between bites of a hearty seasonal meal.

Giving thanks can extend to your professional life as well. Data-driven marketing has become an increasingly important tactic for many organizations. It helps companies to personalize, optimize, and otherwise create better experiences for clients and potential clients. No wonder it’s one of the first techniques that comes to mind.

Giving thanks for data-driven marketing is the subject of this week’s infographic. It comes to us from DMN. Using first-hand research from Ascend2, the infographic looks into the objectives, effectiveness, and challenges of data-driven marketing.

Some of the key stats in the infographic include

  • 60% of respondents named “Personalizing the customer experience” the most important objective of data-driven marketing
  • 90% of those surveyed said their data-driven marketing was “Somewhat successful” or “Very successful”
  • Third-party data purchases were used by 40% of respondents
  • Improving data quality was the biggest challenge, named by 59% of those surveyed


[Click to Enlarge]





Let us know what you think:

  • Do you incorporate data into your marketing efforts?
  • Do you plan to expand your efforts in the future?
  • Why are you thankful for data-driven marketing?



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