Infographic – How Black Friday Became The Biggest Shopping Day of The Year

As this year’s Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many business owners are looking past Turkey Day to the commercial heyday immediately following it; Black Friday – and it’s cousin Cyber Monday – are huge events for businesses. But how did these days come to be synonymous with commerce? And how can small businesses take advantage?

This special Black Friday infographic answers these questions. It comes to us from When I Work. The infographic goes through the history of Black Friday, shares some trends related to the holiday, and gives tips for businesses to capitalize.

A few key pieces from the infographic include

  • Online sales are expected to grow 8% to 11% over last holiday season
  • Cyber Monday sales continued to grow, grossing $2.29 billion in 2013
  • Store hours and sales have continued to move into the evening of Thanksgiving, leading to the term “Gray Thursday”
Infographic – How Black Friday Became The Biggest Shopping Day of The Year


Let us know what you think:

  • Does your company have special deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?
  • How does seasonality affect your industry?
  • Do you have a particularly important annual business day or days?


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