Infographic – The Importance of Color Choice in Marketing

Infographic – The Importance of Color Choice in Marketing

Your audience responds differently to each color you chose. If you know how and why they do, you can use it to aid your marketing efforts. When you know how people react to colors, you can use it to solicit an emotional response from them.

Everyone knows that emotion is an important part of a successful marketing strategy, which is why this infographic from Stealth Blog is so valuable. You can use it to improve the performance of your website and email designs.

A few of the key color tips in today’s infographic include:

  • Red is a very emotionally intense color that is good for making buyers make a quick decision.
  • Green is associated with stability and abundance.
  • Dark blue is associate with feelings of knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness.


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Let us know what you think:

  • Which colors do you use on your website and emails?
  • What feelings do those colors cause in your customers?
  • Are those feelings in line with your brand’s mission?



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Acadia Otlowski

Acadia Otlowski is the editor and copywriter at HiP. She handles writing subject lines and email copy as well as contributing weekly to the blog. Acadia is a journalism major turned marketing enthusiast with a heavy background in research and writing. Outside of work, she is an avid reader and storyteller, as well as a fire performer.
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