Infographic – Which Industries Have the Best Content Marketing?

Every marketer endeavors to tell a story. Storytelling dates back to times before the written word, which is perhaps why it continues to be so successful in the modern day through content marketing.

But storytelling isn’t easy and as the amount of content grows, so does competition. Consider that 5% of all branded content accounts for 90% of traffic.

This week’s brief infographic from Contently reveals which industries are doing content marketing best. They compared each in the areas of average attention time, engagement rate, and finish rate.

The data revealed some interesting trends, including:

  • B2B business has the longest average attention time at 3:01 minutes.
  • B2B business also holds the highest engagement rate at 78%.
  • Only 13% of B2B business readers finish reading content.


Let us know what you think:

  • How do your numbers stack up to these industry averages?
  • Did you find this infographic useful?
  • What else would you include in this infographic?



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