How Influencers Generate Revenue

Influencer marking is an increasingly appealing option for marketers. Especially when you consider regulations like GDPR which continue to make outreach in traditional channels more challenging.

As more brands consider the option of influencer marketing, a few questions come to mind: What makes someone an influencer? How do the campaigns work? What strategies are most effective?

This week’s infographic, which comes to use from MarketingProfs, takes on these questions. It explains influencer marketing using survey data from a group of more than 200 hand-selected influencers. The infographic covers the definition of influencer marketing, the most common models, and the most effective tactics.

A few interesting points from the infographic include

  • Influencer marketing has seen a huge boost in interest since late 2016
  • The most-followed YouTube influencers can command over $250,000 for a video partnership
  • Sponsored content was rated the top revenue generation tactic, selected by 38% of responding influencers

Let us know what you think:

  • Have you run an influencer marketing campaign?
  • How would you compare influencer marketing to other channels?
  • What influencers are popular with your audience?

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