Infographic – The Numbers Behind Email Automation

Automation is an excellent tool for taking your marketing strategy to the next level. It is a category of software that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks in order to increase operational efficiency. Automation encompasses campaigns across all channels, improving the alignment of marketing and sales departments to ultimately grow revenue.

Automation is particularly effective when used in email marketing. Email automation makes it easier to send personalized, targeted messages to your customers. This in turn facilitates lead nurture, brand awareness, and ultimately increases sales conversions. According to the infographic, marketers that use automation software generate 2x the number of leads than those using blast email software.

This week’s infographic, provided by Instiller, evaluates key statistics that support the success and effectiveness of email automation. Read on to discover why email automation should be a central component of your marketing strategy.

Some key points from this infographic include:

  • Email marketing was reported as the #1 most effective tactic for lead nurturing by top performing B2B marketers.
  • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  • Automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails.
  • Sending automated emails helps marketers repurpose 61% more content than marketers who don’t use automation.

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Let us know what you think:

  • What facts did you find surprising?
  • How important is automation to your marketing strategy?
  • How will you use this information to improve your strategy?


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