Infographic – How to Repurpose Your Content Correctly

Content marketers know that consistently generating new content day in and day out is a difficult feat. Thankfully, repurposing exists as a helpful tool for combating this task. Repurposing seeks to get the successful content you’ve already created into the hands of more people, and is an excellent way to optimize your content strategy.

Repurposing content poses a variety of advantages for your business. In terms of SEO, repurposing makes it possible to cross link between related content and receive quality links back to your site. It also facilitates connection with multiple new audiences through varying mediums of delivery. Additionally, repurposing helps to reinforce your message. As we know, repetition is key for creating a message that will resonate with buyers.

This infographic, provided by Express Writers, explains why and how you should incorporate repurposed content into your marketing strategy. Turning previously created articles into presentations, guides, evergreen content, inforgraphics, podcasts, and videos is easy using the tips and tools offered in the infographic below.

Some key points from this infographic include:

  • Re-sharing your content is vital for maximized engagement on Twitter.
  • SlideShare is a great tool to add your visual content to.
  • One of the best types of content to repurpose is evergreen content.
  • 70% of major businesses say videos are a highly effective aspect of their content marketing.

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Let us know what you think:

  • Is repurposing a component of your marketing strategy?
  • What is your preferred form of repurposed content?
  • What did you find helpful in this infographic?

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