Infographic – SEO Content Marketing: What You Need to Know (and Do)

Content marketing and SEO are more closely related than you might think. Though SEO isn’t usually one of the primary objectives of a content strategy, there’s a great deal of synergy between content marketing and SEO.

Quality content is a necessity to both content marketing and SEO for similar reasons. In content marketing, quality content promotes sharing, drives engagement, and keeps users coming back. From an SEO standpoint, quality (original) content is found by relevant visitors, provides unique value, and helps to build rank-improving links.

Social sharing is another factor that benefits both content marketing and SEO. Social sharing is a core activity of content marketing. Sharing content on social media helps to increase awareness and drive added value. Though lesser-known, social media sharing has significant benefits for SEO – both directly and indirectly. Social metrics (Likes, +1’s, etc.) are becoming increasingly important ranking factors. Social media posts and profile information are becoming more involved in search results, as well. Additionally, brand mentions on social media help to create search traffic and new visits.

Today’s infographic comes to us from Sekari. It elaborates on the shared benefits of SEO and content marketing and provides some speculation about the future of the two. The infographic also provides a set of tips to maximize the SEO outcomes of content marketing.

Key takeaways from this week’s infographic include:

  • 90% of SEOs say content creation is effective for SEO
  • 90% of search marketers believe social signals at page level will increase in importance as a ranking factor
  • 94% of marketers believe that a sites perceived value to users will increase in importance as a ranking factor
  • 27 million pieces of online content were shared via the web every day in 2012
  • 60% of industry-specific content sharing messages mention a brand by name


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Infographic -- SEO-Content-Marketing---What-You-Need-to-Know-(and-Do)-by-Sekari




Let us know what you think:

  • Do you make a concerted SEO effort in your content marketing activities?
  • Have you noticed SEO benefits associated with your content marketing?
  • How do you promote social sharing?



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