Infographic – The State of Social Media Marketing 2015

Understanding the evolving changes in user behavior when it comes to social media marketing is equally important as understanding how to use social media. Social media now affects numerous aspects of the marketing sphere, including mobile, display advertising, PR, Ecommerce, and even search engine marketing. In this day and age, engaging in social media is a standard for businesses. The task now becomes understanding and controlling the impact of your efforts on users.

Social media continues to play a critical role in the marketing strategy of most brands. The sheer extent to which social media enables extensive reach and engagement is unlike any other marketing tool. Marketers must now go beyond simply using social media, and find out exactly what their users’ social media behavior and preferences entail. Then capitalize on these to enhance their effectiveness.

This infographic, provided by JBH, offers insight to the most popular social networks for marketers to be engaged with from a global perspective. Additionally, it examines the importance of mobile users, and some of the most cost effective marketing channels that exist.

Some key points from this infographic include:

  • 81% of internet users have a Facebook account.
  • 33% of marketers gave social media a medium-high to high rating for volume of leads.
  • Twitter has recently introduced the ability to stream Periscope, a service for live broadcasting and recording.
  • In Q2 of 2015, popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter saw negative growth in desktop traffic.

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Let us know what you think:

  • What did you learn from this infographic?
  • How does your social media strategy differ from the infographic?
  • How is it similar?

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