Infographic – Storytelling is Not Just for Campfires

Today, customers have access to unprecedented amounts of content. There’s no lack of useful, informative content for almost any business niche. Simply providing utility is no longer enough to stand out – differentiation comes not from what you’re saying, but from how you’re saying it. Storytelling is instrumental in making content that people want to consume. Good storytelling forces you to simplify messaging and allows the reader to make their own conclusions.

A lot of companies hear the word “storytelling” and think of campfires and fairy tales. To be clear, that’s not the storytelling being referred to here. We’re talking about business storytelling – non-fictional information told in an entertaining way.

All businesses have stories to tell. How did your company start? Why did you choose to sell what you sell? Who is a customer that exemplifies working with you? When have you exceeded all reasonable expectations? These stories humanize the brand and help to consumers to connect on a personal level.

Today’s infographic comes from NCM Fathom. It highlights the value provided by business storytelling. The three main points of the infographic are that stories make messaging entertaining, build trust, and compel consumers to take action. Together, these factors create closer brand relations and a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.


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Infographic - Storytelling is Not Just For Campfires by NCM Fathom




Let us know what you think:

  • What kind of stories, if any, does your brand tell?
  • How could you better incorporate business storytelling?
  • What’s the most effective brand story you have watched/read?



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