Infographic – The Struggle for Smart Segmentation

Everyone wants to feel special, and your customers are no exception. Customers have come to expect a personalized experience when interacting with your brand. So understanding customers at a personal level is a necessity. For marketers, this poses an opportunity to employ personalization and segmentation strategies in order to achieve the desired personalized experience.

Engaging in targeted personalization and smart segmentation not only appeases the needs of your consumers, but it boosts the performance of your company. According to the infographic, personalization can deliver 5x to 8x the ROI on marketing spend. The problem becomes the fact that the majority of marketers are struggling to properly utilize these necessary strategies.

This week’s infographic, provided by Kahuna, addresses the need for solid segmentation and personalization strategies, as well as barriers faced by marketers in the process.

Some key points from this infographic include:

  • 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchase decisions.
  • Personalized emails drive 6x higher transaction rate over generic emails.
  • 75% of marketers are prioritizing personalization technology for 2016.
  • The majority of brands ranked themselves below average when it came to extracting useful insights from their customer data.

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Let us know what you think:

  • What information did you find most interesting?
  • Do you struggle with personalization and segmentation?
  • Would you add anything to this inforgraphic?


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Wow big infographic! Personalization is always going to be important, but effectively implementing it can be costly.

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