Infographic – The 5 Minute Guide: B2B Marketer Content Preferences

With limited time and budget for content creation, it’s imperative that the content you do create resonates with your audience. A full understanding of your buyer personas and their preferences will allow you to prioritize the most effective content.

For many industries, obtaining buyer data can be a major difficulty. For example, in the booming B2B marketing software and services industry, buyer personas for B2B marketers can be some of the most difficult to develop. This is due in part to the diversity of products and use cases, but also due to the innate skepticism of marketers as a whole.

When it comes to cracking this difficult segment, general content preference data is a great place to start. This week’s infographic provides exactly that. The infographic, which comes from Kapost, presents data coming from a combination of LinkedIn research and a digital survey.

Some key findings presented in the infographic include:

  • Blogs are the most frequently consumed content for B2B marketers – 58% of those surveyed reported to read blogs.
  • Both data heavy and playful content are popular among B2B marketers
  • B2B marketers trust thought leaders significantly more than traditional news sources and corporate blogs
  • 69% of B2B marketers prefer to receive content via email and 78% prefer to share content via email


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Infographic - The 5 Minute Guide - B2B Marketer Content Preferences by Kapost



Let us know what you think:

  • What are your preferred types of content?
  • What are your preferred sharing channels?
  • Does your research support or dispute Kapost’s findings?



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